8 Great Cheap Date Ideas

Finding the ideal date can be a tough task from to time. Whether you’ve just started seeing your significant other or you’ve been together for years, you’re always wanting to look to do different things.

After all, that’s one of the great parts about being together. You can introduce your partner to something new and they can do the same to you. Sometimes, it’s fun to do something totally new together. It doesn’t have to break the bank either.

Here are some great ideas to put in your back pocket for your next date night.


For a fun, competitive night head down to your local bar to go play a game of billiards. You don’t have to get super dressed up and a game only costs a dollar at most.

You can order some food, have a few beers and play a few rounds. The loser can buy the next round of drinks. If you’re tired of billiards, you can always see if they have a dartboard of shuffleboard.

Hit the Water

With summer coming around, you’re bound to be heading outside some more. Check your local lake or river to see if they have paddle boards, canoes or kayaks. See if there’s a lazy river in your area and spend the day winding your way down.

You can spend the afternoon being lazy out on the water and in the sun. Just remember to bring some sunscreen.

Fix Something Up

If you’re living together and looking to add something new to your house, you don’t have to go to IKEA or a big-box store to find your next TV stand or kitchen table.

Head down to the local thrift store to see what you can find. There are tons of DIY videos and tutorials online to help you turn that old coffee table into something special. You don’t have the be the handiest person to make it work!

Take a Cooking Class Together

Cooking together is a great way to bond and show off some of your amazing skills to your partner. It’s always been a great way to make them feel special and show them you really care about them. Instead of making it a solo show, see if there are any local cooking classes in town. 

Look over Groupon in your area or simply browse the web. Decide what kind of food you want to cook. Keep those recipes in your brain for another date night down the road.

Gone Fishing

Even if the last time you put bait on a hook was when you were seven years old, fishing can be a relaxing and goofy way to spend the afternoon. You don’t have to know all about different types of lures or rods and it’s a very cheap activity for a day.

Now, if you were to make a big expedition out of it then it would become more expensive. Spending the relaxing in nature makes for a great afternoon.

Karaoke Night

Head down to your local bar and warm up to some karaoke. Pick your favorite song and do a solo or brave the crowd and try a duet.

You don’t have to be a great singer to enjoy the night. People watching at karaoke can be just as if not more fun than singing yourself.

Tis the Season

Find something that you can both do together to remember the season by. If it’s the fall, go carve a pumpkin. Make your own Christmas ornaments. Set up an Easter egg hunt with surprises in them.

You could also try local art studios that often mix wine tasting and painting together. You can cut back and laugh at each other’s attempts on impressionism.

Go For a Walk

Even though it may not seem like a “date”, you can definitely turn a walk into a date. If you live next to a big city, walk through the streets and eat the street food. Don’t worry about having a destination or the perfect ending.

Take a stroll through a park and bring your pet along. Make a picnic out of it and bring some food with you. You never know, you could run into a free concert, play or other event happening.

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