Fearless Men’s Most Wanted

Here’s the past month’s best articles we’ve skimmed from around the whole world wide internet. If you’re looking for great financial insight and wisdom, make sure to peruse this list–these insightful people will help you get and stay on track!

We also want to give you a bit of a sneak peak at what we’re up to: Fearless Men is all about helping men become better men. A huge focus of ours is growth in character, relationships, overcoming fear, and even in fitness/health. We have a lot of really strong financial posts, but we know finances are a very important sticking point to men. Keep your eyes peeled for future updates we are working on another branch of Fearless Men (that will be aimed at both Men AND Women since 50% of our readers are female!).

In the coming weeks we will be sharing more about beginning The Fearless Dollar.

Onward to Fearless Men’s Most Wanted:


Jacob @ Cash Cow Couple writes Starting a Blog That Matters – Here is my comprehensive guide to starting a blog that matters. If you’re going to do it, do it right!

Paul @ The Frugal Toad @ The Frugal Toad writes How to Access Retirement Funds Penalty Free – A common misunderstanding of individuals contemplating when to retire is that you can not access your retirement accounts until you are at least age 59 1/2. You may be surprised to learn that there are ways to withdraw funds from your retirement accounts before age 59 1/2 and avoid paying the 10% early withdrawal penalty.

Mr.CBB @ Canadian Budget Binder writes The Loss Of A Dog Euthanasia Costs and Dealing With Grief – Man or Woman if you own a pet you know that a pet is part of the family. Make sure you are prepared for the costs involved with expensive vet bills and potential costs to euthanize your pet.

Anton Ivanov @ Dreams Cash True writes Do You Want to Become a Millionaire? – A million dollar net worth is still considered a significant accomplishment and is sure to make you feel good, along with impressing your friends! Are you wondering how to become a millionaire? There are two very different strategies you can follow.

Adam @ Money Bulldog writes The Biggest Companies in the World ~ Where did they begin? – The biggest companies in world all had to start somewhere. Find out where they began with this great infographic and we also talk about the attributes which led them to where they are today.

Adam @ Money Rebound writes Fun and Funky Ways to Make Extra Money – Most of us could use a little extra cash and work doesn’t always have to be boring. Take a look at these fun and funky ways to make some extra cash.

Charles Yeaman @ The Tortoise Banker writes 5 Lessons We’ve Learned From the Joneses – You see them. Across the street. At church. At dinner parties. Mr. and Mrs. Jones. Big diamond ring, brand new cars, huge house, high school kids both have BMWs. A part of you, if only for a moment gets the smallest feeling of envy before…ZAP! Your gut reminds you that the JONES family is probably living beyond their means, and may not have an ounce of savings to their name.

Jason Hull @ Hull Financial Planning writes Six Areas Where I Disagree with Dave Ramsey’s Investing and Retirement Withdrawal Advice – Dave Ramsey claims, for educational purposes, that you can earn 12% average returns per year and withdraw 8% per year in retirement. This article explains how both the math and the psychology of these assertions are incorrect.

Khaleef Crumbley @ Faithful With A Few writes Is Your College – or Your Degree – Worth the Money? – Is A College Degree Worth It? This is something that everyone considering higher education must answer. Here are some points to consider before making your decision.

Arnel Ariate @ Money Soldiers writes Creating a Get Out of Debt Plan – No matter how far into debt you are, there is a way to find the light at the end of the tunnel. Find some discipline and watch your debt melt away.

Michelle @ Making Sense of Cents writes How To Prepare for Self-Employment – It’s no secret that I am excited about self-employment and the world of freelancing. Just a couple of weeks ago, I published my post Pursuing What I Love or What Brings in the (Stable) Money. I loved all of the wonderful comments that everyone left me, and it really got me thinking. Now that I’ve thrown myself out there, I need a plan. And I need to write that plan down or I will completely forget about it.

Michelle @ Diversified Finances writes What is Financial Independence? – What is Financial Independence? This might be something that you are wondering. Different people have different meanings for this. For example, if you are younger, it might just mean financial independence from your parents, in which you start paying things on your own.

Jeremy @ My Financial Road writes Holy Red Wedding! – My own personal red wedding moment. Based on the Game of Thrones episode of the week.

MMD @ IRA vs 401k Central writes What are the 401k Withdrawal Rules for Getting My Money Back? – Before putting too much money into your employers retirement plan, it helps to understand the 401k withdrawal rules and when you’ll see your money again.

MMD @ My Money Design writes My Broker Lets Me DRIP Stocks – Why That’s Great – I recently found out that my account has a feature to DRIP stocks. This is great news because it means I’ll be able to put the dividends to work and accelerate building my fortune!

David Leonhardt @ The Happy Guy writes Duct tape – a frugal parent’s best friend – You have probably heard over and over that duct tape is the magic solution for all problems. It might even prevent World War III. Here is one fine example of how it can save a parent some money, when we discovered dozens of cracks in the sleeves surrounding the fiberglass rods on which our trampoline sits.

David Bar @ Bar Whiz Blog writes Best Types Of Bars For Bachelor Parties – Not everyone can have a wild and crazy night in Vegas or Bangkok for their bachelor party, but at least with this list of the best types of bars, you too can wake-up to a hangover but in the comfort of your own town.

Jon Haver @ Pay My Student Loans writes Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Program – There is currently no information on current borrowers who take out federal student loans after this point. So the biggest question seems to be is how the Obama student loan forgiveness program works.

Jon @ Our Insurance Canada writes Jon Gillham – The insurance industry like many others makes money off the confusion so it is no wonder for all the conflicting information that exists. A simple search for how much life insurance do I need yields a whole bunch conflicting results and what are we to believe.

Matt Becker @ Mom and Dad Money writes Is a Coffee Habit Comparable to a Debt Habit? – Both coffee and debt allow you to borrow resources (energy/money) that you don’t naturally have available. I explore how these habits are similar, and how they can both be harmful or beneficial depending on how they’re used.

CF @ The Outlier Model writes Hey, I got a raise! – Getting a raise at work can come with the temptation to undergo lifestyle inflation and spend all the extra money! Here are some alternatives that can help grow your savings instead.

Grayson @ Debt Roundup writes How I Paid Off Over $50,000 Of Credit Card Debt – I struggled with credit card debt for years, but then I decided to make a change. It took me 4 years, but I was able to pay off my over $50,000 worth of credit card debt. Here is how I did it.

John @ Cough up the Dough writes Houses prices started on the rise again – With a few glimmers of recover on the horizon, no wonder optimism is growing in the housing market.

Thomas @ Mr Moneyvator writes Popularity is Growing for Prepaid Bank Cards – The rise of the prepaid bank card seems to be gathering momentum as more and more people have struggled through the recession and are coming out the other side with bad credit.

Anton Ivanov @ Dreams Cash True writes How to Write An Awesome Craigslist Ad – Want your Craigslist ads noticed and your phone ringing of the hook? Check out these tips for writing awesome Craigslist ads that sell.

Thomas @ Finance Inspired writes How to invest in private companies – Heres a quick fire lesson in Angel Investing, what it is, how to go about it and more importantly how to profit from it.

John @ WILD about Finance writes 6 Ways to Cut your Business Costs – Even though we have seen signs of recovery in the economy, there are still plenty of businesses out there struggling to make ends meet. Heres a few tips for them.

Marvin @ Brick By Brick Investing writes Forces – Saving Money – Sun Tzu’s Art of War principles on forces compared to your personal savings rate in order to display the importance of capital when it comes to investing.

Bill Fay @ The Frugal Toad writes Why You Should Start Saving for Retirement Now – Today is the day we’re going to clean out the garage, weed the garden, paint the kid’s bedroom — and start saving for retirement. Those all are chores that we know should have been done yesterday, but we think can wait until tomorrow. The garage, bedroom and garden can wait. Retirement savings can’t.

AB @ Aspiring Blogger writes Income and Expense Report – May 2013 – We had a CRAZY month where we spent almost $100k!!! It’s definitely not a pattern to be repeated, but take a look at what we spent it on and what we plan to do next!

Kevin Watts @ Graduating From Debt writes The Ultimate Guide to all 529 College Savings Plan by State – The following is the Ultimate guide to all 529 College Savings Plan by State

GMM @ Grad Money Matters writes How to Make More Money With a Second Job – Are you struggling to pay the bills from month to month? Are you constantly feeling like money is tight? I was recently in TJ Maxx and I overheard a phone call from a husband to his wife, wondering if they had $15 in their account so he could buy a shirt.

Money Soldiers @ Money Soldiers writes Saving Pennies and Sanity – Olivia wanted roller skates. Henry always wanted a new Lego set. Instead of suffering pouty faces every time I said no, I decided it was time to rewrite the house’s financial rules.

Robert @ Entrepreneurship Life writes When to Know It’s Time to Become an Entrepreneur – There are two types of people in the world: Those that make other people successful People that make themselves successful Some people will argue that making someone else successful is also making them successful, but when you start comparing the rewards, it’s apparent that making yourself successful comes out on top.

MMD @ IRA vs 401k Central writes How Inheriting a Roth IRA Can Be a Great Tax-Advantaged Gift – One little known benefits of inheriting a Roth IRA is that you can designate it to someone after you die with little to no tax consequences

MMD @ My Money Design writes Building My Money Earning Sites – Niche Website Update Part 6 – Although the first of my money earning sites has not made it to Page 1 yet, I still have some tricks I will try to get my niche website to make some more money.

Jeremy @ My Financial Road writes How Much Does A Dog Cost – The true cost of dog ownership.

CF @ The Outlier Model writes What makes a great neighbourhood – Living in a great neighbourhood is important to us. Recently, a number of Vancouver neighbourhoods hosted ‘Car Free Day’ to celebrate local business and a sustainable way of living.

Adam @ Money Bulldog writes Investing for Beginners ~ In the Beginning – So many people have thought about venturing into the world of investing but they just don’t know where to start. Check out our beginners guide and you will be placing your first trade tomorrow.

Adam @ Money Rebound writes Building an Emergency Fund in 3 Easy Steps – Many personal finance experts tout emergency funds as the first step towards reaching true financial independence. Find out how to start building yours today.

Kim @ Eyes on the Dollar writes Avoiding the Impulse Buy: How to Buy New Stuff After Getting Out of Debt – After you’ve achieved a goal of getting out of debt, you might be used to a strict no spend lifestyle. When it’s time to make new purchases, following some simple rules will keep you away from the impulse buys that got you in trouble to begin with.

Chris Topher @ Our Insurance Canada writes Side Hustle: The Real Mobile Hot Spot – The bulk of us that read and blog have regular full time jobs. Many of us do this for fun or as a side hustle trying to make some passive income. I have been an avid reader for a few years and have seen some interesting side hustles over at Budgets Are Sexy side hustle series.

Dollar @ Easy Extra Dollar writes Make extra money through working from home – With the increasing and also improving the use and also accessibility to the internet things have presently changed. Anyone can perform at home business and make money easy without your manager and supervisor that always supervise your performance.

Mr.CBB @ Canadian Budget Binder writes How we quit comparing financial numbers – Some people like knowing what their friends financial numbers are and other’s don’t. Are jealousy and envy one in the same? When you focus too much on what you don’t have you will continue not having anything at all or that you desire in life.

Greg @ Club Thrifty writes What the “Red Wedding” Can Teach Us About Money – FINALLY! We can all talk about the Red Wedding! Now that the shock has worn off, here are some money lessons we can learn from the Red Wedding.

Michelle @ Making Sense of Cents writes How I Stay Motivated When Being Frugal – I have to say that ever since I started this journey to rid myself of debt, it has sometimes been a struggle to stay motivated. We all have experienced burnout when we put our all into something and its only natural.

Alexis @ FITnancials writes Ride your bike! – Save money and be healthy – Do you have a bike? I do! I don’t ride it too often, but I’m wanting to change that soon. There are so many positives of riding your bike, so why not incorporate it into your daily life, such as when you do your chores and errands?

Michelle @ Diversified Finances writes Sources of Passive Income – Many people get into the rental market as a form of passive income. Depending on how you want to define passive income, rental income may or may not be included as a passive choice. However, for the sake of this post, we will say that rental income is passive.

GMM @ Grad Money Matters writes Great Ways to Get Noticed in Corporate America Part 1 – Corporate America is a tough beast to conquer, but with a little patience and persistence, it can absolutely happen. In order to give yourself the best chance at consistent promotions, be sure to follow these five tips to get yourself noticed at work.

Alice @ Hurricanes, Panties & Dollars writes The pterodactyl retirement plan – An interesting conversation, a plan to trap a pterodactyl and waking back up in the real world. Plus a fun, catchy video and perhaps a little talk about retirement.

David Bar @ Bar Whiz Blog writes Most Popular Drinks For Camping – From festivals to camping, summer is the perfect time to experience the great outdoors. But just because you are roughing it, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice modern conveniences, especially when it comes to booze. That’s why we have put together this list of the most popular drinks for camping.

Larai Pershing @ Best No Load Funds writes Avoid Very Small Mutual Funds – It would be reasonable for you to set your minimum asset selection criteria at several hundred million dollars or even higher for any diversified investment fund — particularly those that are actively managed mutual funds.

Arnel Ariate @ Money Soldiers writes Money Saving Tips for Car Insurance – There are a number of money saving tricks and tips available to the canny driver to keep your insurance costs to a minimum.

MMD @ IRA vs 401k Central writes Taking An Early Withdrawal from Roth IRA Contributions – You’ve heard you can take an early withdrawal from Roth IRA contributions after five years, but did you know there are specific rules that come with it?

MMD @ My Money Design writes My Post Retirement Ideas for When I Become Financially Free – Having some post retirement ideas and goals for what you’ll do with yourself is just as important as the planning it took to get you there.

Grayson @ Debt RoundUp writes My Percentage Based Debt Payoff and Savings Rule – I am a big believer that you can save money while paying off debt. I believe this because I did it. Not only did I do it, but it also changed my money mentality. I used an allocation strategy similar to retirement investing.

Chris Topher @ This That and The MBA writes Advantages of an Advanced Degree – It’s no secret that education is one of the largest investments someone can make during their lifetime so it’s important that they properly understand what they’re getting into. With the time and money it takes to get an advanced degree, like a masters in communication.

Dollar @ Easy Extra Dollar writes The Success of Generating Money Online – Use the internet to check the history of an affiliate program prior to signing on with them. It is so important to know who you are working with so you do not find yourself frustrated and angry about not getting the money that they owe you for selling their products.

Thomas @ Finance Inspired writes Should you be a guarantor for your childs auto insurance? – With auto insurance getting ever more expensive for the younger, newly qualified drivers, we investigate a new trend emerging, becoming a guarantor for your child, is it really worth it?

AB @ Aspiring Blogger writes Google Reader is Dead – Long Live Google Reader! – Like I’m sure a lot of you do, I use Google Reader to manage all of my RSS subscriptions and keep me organized. With Google Reader shutting its doors on July 1, what am I supposed to use instead? Join me as I walk you through the alternatives and help you chose the best Google Reader replacement!

John @ Cough up the Dough writes Double glazing as an investment and cost cutting method – We take a quick look to see if double glazing really is a good way to save money on your heating bills. Should it be seen as an investment as oppose to an unnecessary expense.

Simon @ Chance with Finance writes Saving Money in Everyday Situations – The costs of goods are rising and there seems to be a salary freeze on most peoples income at the moment, so now is the time to save money in a few simple steps.

Jimmy @ Finance Romance writes The volatile stock markets sailing the choppy seas – With the FTSE and DOW Jones both rocking to and fro and a total change of around 9% in the last few weeks, I take a deeper look into this.

Jon Haver @ Pay My Student Loans writes Truths Revealed: Student Loan Myths – Shuddering at the thought of taking out a student loan? Don’t! If you’ve decided this may be the best course of action when financing your tuition, beware certain myths floating out there which might scare you away from making a great investment in your future.

John @ OurInsuranceCanada.com writes Visitors to Canada Insurance – If you have family in Canada and have visited before, you know well the process involved in getting a visa. There is paperwork to fill out, eligibility to be determined, and fees to be paid. In addition to these, your visa has to be renewed periodically and additional fees paid if you would like to stay in Canada for a longer period of time.

David Leonhardt @ A Ghost Writers Blog writes Best Man Speeches – 11 questions for the speaker – There are plenty of generic best man speeches on the Internet, and just as many one-liners to toss out on the table. But your speech should come from the heart. Here are 11 questions to start “personalizing” that speech.

Tanya @ The Heavy Purse writes How to Talk to Your Kids about Family Debt – Don’t keep family debt a secret. Most likely your kids already know. I share how to get them onboard with your debt repayment efforts while minimizing their fear at the same time.

John S @ Frugal Rules writes How to Invest in Stocks When You Do Not Know Where to Start – Investing in stocks, or anything in the market, can be overwhelming for many. The key to overcoming that fear is knowing where to start and educating yourself so that you can set up an investment portfolio that’ll help you grow your wealth and reach your long-term retirement goals.

CF @ The Outlier Model writes Recipe Idea: Simple Oil and Vinegar Coleslaw – It’s BBQ season and nothing cuts through heavy BBQ sauce like a nice fresh salad. I like to make coleslaw to go with things like pulled pork and BBQ’d chicken. As a frugal bonus, cabbage is a pretty cheap vegetable and full of fiber. Yum.

Khaleef Crumbley @ Faithful With A Few writes New Red Light Camera Scam Steals Your Identity – A Red Light Camera Scam, which steals your identity is becoming popular. Find out exactly how to recognize it and minimize the risk of identity theft across the board.

Khaleef Crumbley @ Fat Guy, Skinny Wallet writes We Paid Off A Credit Card This Month…But Does It Count? – We Paid Off Our Credit Card, but of course there’s a twist. Find out how we did it, and what happened to take away from our celebration.

Michelle @ Diversified Finances writes Should you get rid of all debt for financial independence? What to do? – Debt doesn’t always mean the same thing for everyone. Some categorize debt as good or bad and place a lot of value on interest rates. Some think that all debt is bad and must be paid off. So does a person eliminate all debt before they declare that they are financially independent?

Catherine @ Making Sense of Cents writes How To Become A Successful Staff Writer for Blogs – One of the most common questions that Michelle and I both get asked is, “How do you get hired as a staff writer for blogs?” So, today, I’m happy to share some of the techniques I use to not only find the job postings but to make sure I actually get hired too!

Mike @ The Financial Blogger writes Why Would You Pay Over $3 For a Cup of Coffee? – Why pay too much for coffee? There’s more to it.

DW @ Great Passive Income Ideas writes How To Make Money On The Side In Five Easy Ways – Using the Internet has never been easier if you’d like to find out how to make money on the side and exceed your current standard of living.

MMD @ IRA vs 401k Central writes Taking Full Advantage of Your 401k Employer Match and Getting Free Money! – Not participating enough to get the full 401k employer match is like leaving money on the table. And why would you want to pass up FREE money?

MMD @ My Money Design writes Want Some Financial Motivation? Get Off Your Computer and Go Outside! – Stop reading this. In fact don’t read anything else. Reading these blog posts won’t give you financial motivation. You know what will? Going outside.

John @ All Things Finance writes Will Mortgage Interest Rates Keep Rising and How Does It Affect Me? – Mortgage Rates Surge to 4.625%, Largest Weekly Increase in 50 Years! So What Caused This? What is the Impact of Rising Rates on Buyer Affordability?


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