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How to Impress a Man on a First Date

How to Impress a Man on a First Date

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Ladies, if you have a date with that special man and are looking for ways to impress him, then you might as well go to the source for advice. Dating advice columns have long been written by women for women. In reality, men have a great deal of knowledge when it comes to what they like themselves, so allow the love experts to shower you with some tips on impressing that guy on your first date!

First and foremost, are you going out on a date with a single dad? Tips for single dads tend to be different than a man without children, and for good reason. These men are more focused on their children rather than themselves. Instead of wondering how perfect of a match you are for them, they are wondering how perfect of a match you are for their children. Would they want you to come home with them and eventually meet their kids? Show genuine interest in their kids, their ages, their genders, and obviously how many. Honestly, the more you ask about their children rather than about them, the better of an impression you will make. I would also be cognizant of not inquiring about their ex-spouse or companion. I know all about the first date temptations and questions that come along with it, but sometimes you just need to keep the conversation about you two until the second, third, or even fourth date. Especially when you have topics like work, family, and hobbies that should keep you more than busy during your first intimate get together.

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Now, assuming not all of your dates will be with single fathers, there is plenty of advice to bestow for the single man! Contrary to popular belief the guy does not relish talking about himself through the whole date. We want to hear about you, who you are, and what you do, etc. The chattier you are the more pressure it takes off of us. No matter how much of an extrovert one is, it can be very difficult keeping a conversation going the first time you meet someone. Another important piece of advice is to offer to split the bill anywhere you go. I think you will find that 99% of the men out there won’t accept, but a mere offer goes a long way in our eyes. How to impress a man isn’t anywhere near as difficult as you may think. A first date doesn’t necessarily have to mean a restaurant. You can always offer to have him offer and cook for him. It might sound a bit cliché to you, but guys love their food, and if you are a good cook that quality won’t soon be forgotten. Just remember to asking him questions about himself, we like to discuss ourselves and our interests when prompted. It also shows that you genuinely care about us. Keep the lines of communication open, have a positive and happy attitude, and you will do just fine.

Now, if you are concerned about some first date destinations, that’s a whole other story. If you live in a warm area, or it happens to be spring or summer, then doing something outdoors is always fun and exciting. Consider packing a picnic basket and taking it to the beach or outside at a park. He will get to experience your cooking in a fun and enticing atmosphere. Perhaps you live in a cold weather area, or it’s simply a gloomy time of year. In this case, there are still plenty of options. You can go bowling! Activities that get you up and moving can increase endorphins and help create a positive and happy mood. There are plenty of indoor putt-putt courses opening across the nation. They offer glow-in-the-dark mini golf that puts a fun spin on an old school activity. When you stop to think about the options there are plenty. I would only recommend that you stay away from seeing a movie on your first date. While it can be a fun date night with a spouse or friend, it can be a bad way to spend time with someone you hardly know anything about. A movie, while entertaining, doesn’t offer you the ability to communicate and ask and answer each other questions. If you don’t spend time getting to know one another then you may not have a 2nd date!

Hopefully, you now have an understanding how to impress that special guy on your first date. Whether it’s a single dad or just a single guy, rest assured there is a way into his heart. I wish you the best of luck


  1. Regarding single Dads. That’s what’s in the horizon for me and I’m a bit like “meh…”. Yes, I’d love to get to know her female, nurturing side and I would wonder how about the fit with me and my kid and all that.

    I just think I’d die inside if I dated a woman and all she would do is talk about my children. I’m a sensual, sexual man and those energies have to be present too during the date. I’m not hiring a nanny 😉

    Honestly I have very little dating experience, two decades of marriage and all, so do I really know what I want? I could be wrong. I could also just be different than other men.

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