How to Dress Like a Grown-Up Man

A man’s wardrobe needs to be updated as he grows older and takes on diverse roles in life. In their 20s, most man experiments with their career, relationships, habits, and most noticeably their style. While in their 30s, they start to build strong relationships and solidify habits and personal style. If you are here to learn how you can up your style game, then you have come to the right place. Dressing like a boy is a big no! We’ll suggest to you how to take things like a grown man. If you are interested in learning about them, be sure to read the whole article!

Well-Tailored Suit

Most men opt for the suite that is usually two sizes too large for them. You have to admit that your body has changed a lot since you were 20, now that you are all grown up, you need to take a few things into account while dressing up. Now, many men confuse fit with tight, which is not right at all. A perfect fit refers to something that compliments your body shape and type well. Whereas, tight shirts and suits never look good on anyone. If you want to dress sharp and better, then you need to know that perfect fitting is the key to any great outfit, be it your dress shirt or a casual shirt, it should fit your body type and shape well. Therefore, choose a suit that fits you like a dream.

Wear Tie and Tie Bar

It is all about the half Windsor knot with the even triangle and small details. A great tie knot is like a strong handshake which shows that you have come from good stock. Moreover, if you want to set yourself apart, then wearing just a tie is not enough. You need to wear a tie bar as well. Just like cufflinks, tie bars reflect one’s personality. This Victorian-era style staple made its way back into the fashion industry, and we all are here for it.


Shoes for Every Occasion

If you are not going to run, then what is the point of wearing running shoes? We all know for a fact that the first thing people notice in your entire outfit is what type of footwear you are wearing. Yes, that is true! No matter if you are wearing a perfect fit and tailored outfit when you haven’t done your footwear right, it will break down the whole look. You can get by with like two or three pairs of shoes, but they should be the right kind. So, invest in some good and variety of shoes that can go with the type of outfit you are wearing. For dressing like a man, must get your hands on a black lace-up shoe a bit pointed ones.

A Proper Dress Watch

A great quality dress watch doesn’t have to be a $4,500 luxury watch, any good stainless steel watch with a metal or leather band will do just fine. There are many brands out there like Timex and Victorinox who offer perfectly good-looking watches that you can get in a few hundred dollars as well. However, make sure you are not picking up a too chunky one. The key to rocking a proper dress watch is to keep it simple and classic. Trust me it will tie the whole look together.

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