Men’s Fashion Alert: Tips to Select a Dinner Dress to Slay the Night

Who doesn’t like to be the eye-catcher of the party who steals the show with its appearance? Everyone wants to be that person in the party who becomes the center of the topic for its fashion sense and ‘it’ attire for many days to come. But despite having the desire, very few people know what to wear to become the scene-stealer. And things become even more difficult for the men! They have selected options than women, limited color range, and few choices to slay the night.

That’s why an invitation to a dinner night brings stress along with excitement. Sometimes, you can’t decide that you should go with a dress shirt or casual one, wear a jacket or not, and pick a tie or bow? If you feel that this situation fits you as well, then don’t worry, we can help you come out of this stressful situation. Here are some tips for picking up the best dinner dress attire so that you can accept every dinner night invitation without feeling stressed:

Choose the right color:

Before rummaging your closet to find the dress, it is better to dwell in the color scheme first because colors set the foundation of your dress. Even a designer wear suits and luxurious shoes will not work for you if your choice of colors will not be right. Yes, colors play that potent role in setting the mood of your appearance!

The basic science is to go for a combination of warmer colors (shades of red, orange, yellow) and cooler colors (blue, purple, green shades) to balance out the look. But that is not the only color theory that works. You can also go with monochromatic tints if you want to pull up more of a classy and decent look. And things can also work with the same color scheme, i.e. wearing only cooler colors or warmer colors. But if you want to step out in a bold and daring look, then you can also opt for variations. What about playing with the combination of burgundy and blue with a black jacket or burgundy and green with a blue jacket?

Well, don’t forget to consider the theme of the party (if any) or nature of the dinner night while choosing the color scheme. Your choice of dress colors will be different depending on that you are going on an official dinner, university friends reunion dinner or proposal.

Select the Best Shirt:

After choosing the color, select a shirt. The shirt is that part of your dress around which the rest of the attire is knitted. So, it should be selected very carefully. You can’t wear Hawaiian shirts, polos or skull printed t-shirts. Oh well, you can, if you want to look at the odd-one-out and not a show stopper, which definitely is not what you are aiming. So, go for a dress shirt!

Wearing a dress shirt doesn’t mean to look bland and simple. There are so many options and designs in dress shirts now that you can go from classy, funky to bold with your choice of the dress shirt. You can find these options in the collection of dress shirts by Nimble to choose what you can wear for the desired look.

Match a Lower Wear:

Let’s admit that nothing can beat the classiness of dark denim. The good thing is that you can pair it with a dress shirt as well. But if you want to go with an all formal touch, then formal pants can come handy. However, if both denim and formal pants are out of your league, then definitely chinos are what you want. Navy chinos are becoming the new ‘it’ essential of every man’s wardrobe because they do magic with every shirt. But you can wear chinos in other colors as well according to your mood, color-code, and nature of the occasion.

Jacket/Blazer is a Must:

You can’t miss out a well-fitted jacket or blazer if you are talking about a dinner dress. They are like the highlight of your attire, which exalts the personality to an unbeatable level. You can go with a plain blazer for a sophisticated touch or the patterned one for a more striking look and style. The best option is to go with a plain jacket, if your shirt is lined or patterned, and a patterned jacket if your shirt is plain. It balances out your look and pleases the eyes.

So, now when you get an invitation for a dinner night, open it with a wide smile because you know that you are going to slay the night!

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