5 Important Style Tips for Men in Their 30s

Crossing that 30-year old threshold is synonymous to becoming a more mature person – something that should also be reflected by the clothes you wear. Here are six tips to live by to make sure that your current wardrobe matches your age and personality.

Give Away the Cheap Stuff

This is not to say that you need to immediately shift onto Versace and Hermes, but there’s no harm in it if you can afford to! The idea is to get rid of the ultra-cheap clothing and raise your style game by opting for quality over quantity. Check out a clothing club such as Menlo Club to gradually replace these items with a clothing subscription service.

Own More than Just One Type of Suit

Now, depending on the kind of work you do, a suit could be a regular affair or it could be something that you only wear occasionally. Now that you are mature enough, it’s more than likely you’ll have more occasions to wear your suits than ever before. So, make sure that you have at least three suits and preferably of different texture, material and color.

Focus on the Fit

Over the years, you’re body has more than likely changed. Clothes in your 20’s may not fit as well in your 30’s, but that’s ok! This is the time for you to remove ill-fitting clothing from your closet and dive into custom-tailored clothing. A tailored fit in all of your clothes complements your body and boosts your style profile. You’ll not only look good, but feel good too in your newly fitted clothes.

Pay Attention to Your Accessories

You might have gotten away with ugly wallets, unpolished shoes and old watches so far, but that time is truly gone. It’s time to pay more attention to your accessories. The right accessories can make your outfit and upgrade your style. So invest in a proper watch and get rid of those old shoes!

Get a New Haircut

Although it’s not necessary to get a haircut when you’re in your 30’s, it might be time for a change. If your hair is hard to maintain – think of something shorter and more manageable. If you seem to be losing a lot of hair, why not own it? Commit to a totally bald look and stay away from comb-overs!

Feel Comfortable and Stylish at 30

The tips on this list should give you an idea of how to go about your fashion after 30, but the general idea is to use your common sense. Before buying or wearing anything, just ask yourself, will it go with my age, personality, and the purpose that I am buying it for? If the answer is yes, then feel free to buy it because being comfortable in your clothes is the single most important aspect of style, irrespective of everything else.


  1. When men reach middle age, their body structure gets abnormal if they have adopted a sedentary lifestyle, which is quite common due to long working hours. So to look fashionable it is necessary to follow above tips.

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