Fearless Men’s Best of 2012 | Weekly Round Up January 10th, 2013

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Why is the first week after New Years always such a rush? Or is just my weeks? I got sick though so things did slow down a bit. Definitely thankful for that. Should I be thankful I got sick too though? It did come together. Time Off for Sale and comes with a side order of The Flu. haha!

This week we’re going to start with the top 15 Fearless Men Articles of 2012. Since we launched in May it’s really only from the last 8 months but still quality reads. For those who joined us later in the year be sure to browse through. Enjoy!

How to Make Her Feel Special – Everyday

How to Break Up With Your Girlfriend the Right Way

Man Lessons Learned from UFC 148: Silva vs Sonnen

8 Reasons You Keep Getting Dumped

Abraham Lincoln | A Life of Impeccable Character

A Unique Fathers Day Gift

Most Manly 30th Birthday Ideas for Men

Kicking Fear in the Face – Blade Runner Oscar Pistorius

Common Chest Training Mistakes

5 Things Women Wish Men Knew

What Not to Say to Your Girl

Glass Half Full or Glass Half Empty?

How to Win a Bar Fight

Communicating | Seems easy but we all know it isn’t.

Never Give Up


Now back to our top articles this past week from our Fearless Men readers.

Stock Market Punishment: The First Lesson of 2013 by AverageJoe @ The Free Financial Advisor

Surprises While Fixing a Covered Bridge by TB @ Blue Collar Workman

4 Easy Debt Reduction Strategies – Explained by Jason @ Work Save Live

4 Money Saving Resolutions for 2013 by Kim @ Eyes on the Dollar

December Blog Goals Update by Jon @ Frugal Rules

December 2012 Net Worth Update by Edward Antrobus

Book Review: The Journal Of Best Practices by Planting Our Pennies

Art of Salesmanship (1 of 4) – “Invisible” 3rd Party working for You by Joe Cassandra @ The 7 Minute Entrepreneur

Roth IRA by The Money Mail

5 Best Anti-Aging Exercises for a New Year-New You by Ang @ Body Weight Workouts

Tips for Getting Quotes for Timber Joinery Products by Timber Joinery & Glass Brisbane

Why Would Someone Sell a Structured Settlement? by Jeremy @ Modest Money


  1. Thanks for the mention as always John. I can relate to the busy-ness. Our business really picks up after the beginning of the year so we always seem to meet ourselves coming and going.

    • Maybe its a false reality expecting things to be slow when coming out of Christmas and New Years and all that time off. Because when I think about it work has always been busy right after…Today was all meetings and I was thinking about who the Chicago Bears are going to hire as the new HC.

  2. Thanks for including my video post John, nice making it over the 8 month hump, get to that 1-year anniversary!

  3. Thanks for including our post! Have a good rest of the week. =)

  4. Hey, thanks for including me dudes!

  5. Thanks for the mention. Funny how the flu seems to be contagious over the internet! I had it a couple weeks ago, and I pretty much don’t go anywhere!

    • Haha! Sure seems that way sometimes. I was reading in the news that because of the lateness in the flu season they’ve run out of flu shots for this latest outbreak.

  6. Donna Spears says

    Good kinds of roundups. I do believe that this group of blogs in this roundup will really help me. Thanks a lot for sharing this to us.

  7. I’ll pass on a side of the flu. It seems to be everywhere. Thanks for the mention.

    • I saw this infographic yesterday that showed the flu is widespread in every state but California. Here it’s in select areas. I guess my work place is one of them. Real bummer!

  8. The flu seems to be extra bad this year. Every second person I know has it and is really knocked down. Lucky I haven’t gotten it yet.

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