My 5 Shopping Strategies for Online Savings

Shopping online has been the craze the past few years. Every retail store better have an online presence if they want to keep up with their competitors. Black Friday used to only be at brick and mortar locations. Now it’s the retailer missing out if they don’t offer sales online too. This is a huge […]

Money Mistake | One of My Poor Life Choices

If we had to we could probably count 99 problems. Here’s one of mine…When I was 22 years old I made one of the worst poor life choices. I bought a set of car rims for $999.99. You might be thinking, “What’s so bad about that?”. Well, let me explain where I was at that […]

Most Common Money Lies We Tell Ourselves

When I moved out at 18 I had $1000 to my name and a pocket full of money lies I was falling trap to. I felt rich, filthy king like rich. I went and bought a TV, xbox, games, gun controllers and stuff to make it an awesome “Bachelor Pad”. I told myself that I […]

Benefits of Receiving a Lump Sum over Structured Settlements

Most of us don’t have to worry about whether we should take a lump sum or choose structured settlements. Some of you might not even know what these are. Say you won the lottery…no, say we all won the lottery. How would we get paid? All at one time in a lump sum or over […]

Deals You Can’t Miss This Black Friday

There are some insanely unbelievable Black Friday Deals going on RIGHT NOW. There’s too many to number. The deals are so good you may not even go out to do your Christmas shopping, you might head out to do some self-shopping. Here’s some of the best 2012 Black Friday deals I could find. Check it […]

Investment Properties Offer a Long-Term Source of Income

This is a guest post by Agnes Jimenez, a fellow blogger and SEO guru on Investment Properties. If interested in submitting a guest post please read our guest posting policy and then contact us. Many people are concerned about the current state of their finances. Even individuals who have a job and are still bringing […]

Pinching Pennies

Most of us know the benefits of not spending every penny we make. We grew up hearing about the benefits of saving and pinching pennies. I have memories of being lectured by my dad when I was like 7 or 8. This is why kids have piggy banks. But then we start earning allowances and […]

Gadgets Are Forever: The Best Financial James Bond Gadgets

Tougher than nails. 007 has every skill every man wants. All of us want to be the hero, stop a crime, save the world, and be able to protect our family. James Bond can all do that while influencing political and socio-economic outcomes. He knocks all that out while looking suave, clean, and getting the […]

Boys Becoming Men: It Doesn’t Happen On Accident

WorkSaveLive is a blog dedicated to changing the way Americans think about money, their lives, and their careers. It’s written by a wise blog buddy of mine named Jason. He’s got a profound collection of advice stored on his blog that continues to grow. About a month ago he asked me to write a guest […]

Why is it Healthy to Change Bank Accounts?

As the world changes around us it can be imperative to not get stuck in a rut with our banking. Yes, it may be more convenient to stick with one bank. But remember that your money is their business. And if they aren’t offering you the best service then it’s time to change bank accounts. […]