Deals You Can’t Miss This Black Friday

There are some insanely unbelievable Black Friday Deals going on RIGHT NOW. There’s too many to number. The deals are so good you may not even go out to do your Christmas shopping, you might head out to do some self-shopping.

Here’s some of the best 2012 Black Friday deals I could find. Check it out.

Amazon Black Friday Deals

They’ve got everything from 40% off iPad cases, to a $199 Kindle Fire, to discounted jewelry and clothing.

Make sure to check out their Black Friday Deals page.

Best Buy Black Friday Deals

They have three segments of “Doorbuster” offers: In-Store Only, Online Only, and Both In-Store and Online. Check it out at Many of these items may have disappeared at opening, but if you get there by the end of the day, you’ll still find some great stuff.

Big TV’s On the Cheap:

Toshiba 40″ Class LCD 1080p HDTV

Samsung 55″ Class LED 1080p 120Hz HDTV

Save $60 on iPads!

Black Friday Deals 2012

Canon T3 DSLR Camera with 18-55mm Lens, Free Bag and 16GB Memory Card

Black Friday Deals 2012

Express 50% off EVERYTHING for Black Friday

I once was a big Express shopper. Great clothes for office jobs. Look sharp, and the stuff fits like a charm. Right now I’m a bit more of a Zara fan (a Spanish clothing company that’s opening more stores in the US). But right now at Express literally everything—as in every single item—is 50% off! (Zara has select Black Friday deal items 50% off).

NOTE: The 50% sale is only running until NOON today.

Here’s two thoughts on Express online shopping before you purchase:

Tip 1: The waist size on stuff is very literal. That is, they run smaller than the jeans you bought at Old Navy or Walmart.

Tip 2: Buying pants/jeans for women is dangerous. I actually have never done so. Just tread lightly there fellas. Loose, flowy shirts are easier to select from. Just know what she likes.

Don’t know what gift to get for a lady? I swear to you yoga pants are always a winner. Then again, I’m a man, who’s not a woman, and I don’t own any. But for the ladies reading out there (which is half of our readership!) please contend with me or affirm that I’m right!

Here’s some of the stuff you’ll get the most bang for your buck:


Black Friday Suit Deals

I’m not really into wool, but their other black suits had pinstripes and that’s not what I was looking for. I’ve got a wedding in Michigan coming up and all the gents get to buy their own black suit rather than pay $200 for a poorly fitting rental to just return it.


Black Friday Express Shirt Deals


Make sure to take advantage not only of these Black Friday Christmas shopping opportunities—but make sure to make Black Friday work for yourself too!


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