3 Simple Ways You Can Use Time More Effectively Each Week

There are only 24 hours in a day, yet for many of us, that hardly seems like enough. Between busy work schedules and lengthy commutes, chores at home, and other responsibilities, it can easily feel like there isn’t enough time to work on your own hobbies or simply take some time to rest and watch […]

A Break Down of the Best War Films

Why are war movies so popular? The simple answer is that wars are inherently thrilling and visually stunning – the perfect recipe for a great film. However, wars are also relentlessly cruel and traumatizing, elements which require an especially talented filmmaker to bring to the screen without losing sight of the entertainment factor. The best […]

Make Tenacious Advances in Life

With winter 2018 fading into the history books, many are planning their outdoor adventures, even while the snow banks melt and the last frost has yet to bite.  Planning ahead and paying attention to the little details of your plan can make or break the start of a new venture.  If you fail to include […]

Spontaneous vs. Impulsive: Know the Difference

Males, in general, are considered to be the more risk-taking ones of the two sexes. Some say this has to do with our genetic heritage – after all, in the ancient times, males were expected to go out and hunt while women would gather and take care of children, tend to the animals, and generally […]

Three Card Games a Real Gentleman Has to Know

You’ve taken care of the looks? Good. You have the manners, too? Even better. Do you know how to dance, do you play an instrument, are you well-read, knowledgeable, and intelligent? You might be the best… but how about games? And not casual games either, as anyone can be good at Candy Crush and Clash […]

Firearm Knowledge All Men Should Attain

All men should have a general understanding of firearms and how they operate — from their integral components to the accessories and upgrades commonly found on most weapons. Here’s a look at firearm basics and gun safety everyone should be familiar with. The Basics Understanding the functionality of a firearm and what aftermarket accessories can […]

Mobile Gaming Increases in Popularity

It’s no secret that mobile gaming has been increasing in popularity over the past several years. Ever since the first significant smartphone hit the scene, the antiquated Blackberry, people have been downloading games and apps to pass the time at work and home. Now with the increased technological capabilities of the iPhone and Android phones, […]

Laser Hair Removal for the Metrosexual Man of the 21st Century

Men are often thought to be brash and tough who do not pay much attention to their personal hygiene and overall appearance. Sophistication, on the other hand, has often been associated with the women. It is quite true for a significant number of the male population of the world. However, there is also another segment […]

5 Life Challenges that Require Fearlessness

We all have different fears and things that we’d rather not have to deal with; stuff that we’re afraid of, whether we’d like to admit it or not. Sometimes we commit acts of bravery without even realizing it, just moving along our journey to becoming better men. Being fearless isn’t about suppressing your fears, it’s […]

Flexible Finances – Credit, Debit and Useful Debt

Say the word debt and it conjures up images of people with a financial burden sitting heavily on their shoulders. But this really shouldn’t be the case. There are plenty of debts that are actually pretty good value for money and that enable people to live a better life – take the humble mortgage for […]