Laser Hair Removal for the Metrosexual Man of the 21st Century

Men are often thought to be brash and tough who do not pay much attention to their personal hygiene and overall appearance. Sophistication, on the other hand, has often been associated with the women. It is quite true for a significant number of the male population of the world.

However, there is also another segment of men that goes the extra mile in order to ensure that they maintain a sophisticated outlook in all aspects of their personality. This segment appears to be growing all the time as more and more men become self-conscious.

The Metrosexual Man

This revolution stepped up a couple of decades back with the rise of the concept of metro sexuality. It defines a sophisticated and confident urban male who takes good care of his appearance and overall persona. This includes all the aspects of one’s lifestyle including the way one dresses, talks and walks and the overall mannerism. Much of the tough man looks and actions are lost in this cause.

The Body Hair Conundrum

This also means that the men are making certain changes to their level of acceptability for the body hair. Previously, men would never even think about getting rid of body hair unless they were swimmers or body builders. Hair has always been considered as an important part of the masculinity.

However, this hair now appears to be a hindrance in the well-polished appearance of one’s personality. Although most people do not want to get rid of them altogether, getting them to be less obvious seems to be quite in. Getting hair removed or reduced form the chest and the back is becoming a pretty common practice these days. Some men are getting rid of the unibrow and even shaping their brows regularly.

The Wax Job?

Many men have started getting waxes done in order to get rid of body hair in their male grooming routine. They do quite a good job, but they remove the hair altogether from the roots. Not only are they painful, but they can also make the body look a bit odd. It also poses the threat of ingrown hair which can get infected, can burn certain areas of the body and infections can be caused by the tiny skin tears that are a result of waxing.

The Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has been garnering a lot of attention amongst the slick men. It is a highly effective way of dealing with the unwanted body hair without the risks that are possessed by a waxing job. It also allows precision targeting of hair in specific areas.

Laser hair removal for men is available globally. The situation is no different in the United Arab Emirates where top skincare facilities such as Laser Skin Care are offering these services to sophisticated man of the 21st century.

The Procedure

The principle used in the laser hair removal is known as Selective Photothermolysis (SPTL). The laser beam is set on specific wavelengths in order to target the dark matter, melanin, which is the primary chromophore. It selectively damages the dark matter and has very little effect on the tissue around it. This has a direct impact on the follicles where the hair grow.

It will generally require a person to undergo several treatments to get the job done. The usual length of one laser hair removal session is about 30 minutes. Men generally tend to use it for reducing the thickness of the hair on their back and chest rather than removing them altogether in most cases. This helps in persevering the manliness that comes with these strands.

What Happens Next?

The contemporary man with the help of laser hair removal is able to control his appearance to a great extent. This allows more confidence and a look that one prefers. It plays an important part in the formation of the overall persona.

The Bottom Line

Laser hair removal is the perfect solution for the metrosexual man of the 21st century who wishes to keep the body hair in check. It is effective; it’s almost pain-free, and it gives perfect results.

Laser hair removal is not painful. There are some salons that even apply a topical ointment to numb the area where the procedure will be performed, but laser hair removal is done with pulses of light and does not cause pain. What more could one ask for?

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