Make Tenacious Advances in Life

With winter 2018 fading into the history books, many are planning their outdoor adventures, even while the snow banks melt and the last frost has yet to bite.  Planning ahead and paying attention to the little details of your plan can make or break the start of a new venture.  If you fail to include essential items in your budget, you’ll never be able to cover expenses.  Projects for your clients or customers will be put on hold, or worse, you could damage the relationship with that person or company and lose their business altogether.  Being tenacious when your start out in business, means you’re prepared to work around obstacles, wait patiently for results, and charge ahead even in the face of uncertainty.  It’s this tenacity that earned Rene Lacoste the nickname “the crocodile” on the tennis court and can adequately describe the ups and downs his company faced as Lacoste became one of the most iconic brands in the clothing industry.

Because of that tenacity, Lacoste is one of a few that have managed to remain relevant today.  You can still buy the same style polo shirt that made him a household name, but the brand has grown to include apparel for women, kids, leather accessories and other goods.  Today, these can be purchased at great discounts when you apply a convenient and easy to use lacoste coupon from Groupon Coupons to save money.

During the winter Olympics, the world watched as the finest athletes performed amazing feats of ability in their respective sports.  Many were so emotional at the end they could hardly express themselves.  What showed in their faces was the great satisfaction of having completed hours and hours of rigorous training, beating out competitors in their homelands, and those from other countries as well.  Some carried on in the wake of heartbreaking personal losses of family members and friends.  Others were barely mended from emotional and physical trauma that would have left a lesser athlete on the sidelines.  Many broke records for their personal best.  And a lucky few were already being featured in commercials endorsing products that can lead to lucrative careers before the games ended.  There has long been an association with athletes and brand management, but Lacoste took a chance and built his brand himself.  Today, you can benefit from the quality that goes into making the Lacoste clothing, shoes and accessories for you family, and get them all for less with Groupon.

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