When Dogs Look Like Their Owners

When dogs look like their ownersI’ve often heard from dog owners that the dog picked them. They just knew. I’m pretty sure they didn’t look the same though…at least not right away. I think the question is no longer “Do dogs look like their owners?” I think we can correctly assume that now  it is “When dogs look like their owners.”

Most people with pets love them so much they treat them like people, and in return pets begin to act like people. Pet owners also sacrifice financially for services like pooper scooping or dog walking! They grow to love people food, love their car rides and walks in the park and some even dress up for the occasion in miniature people-like outfits. No wonder that eventually they start to look just like their people. You see the dogs with long flowing silky light hair, like they just came out of the hair salon. Take a look at their owner; chances are the owner has a similar hair style. Maybe even the same hair stylist.dog and owner

When dogs look like their owners they sometimes reflect their owner’s personalities too. My sister says that when she had her dog it was super active like her. When she left home and our younger sister had her dog, because our sister was more emotional her dog became more emotional too. I’m not totally sure how a dog is more emotional but I guess if a woman says that it must be true.

A runner probably picks a dog that also runs. Do you like sitting on the couch? There’s probably one for you too. I know I’ll be keeping some of these things in mind when I go looking for a Labrador Retriever. Loves to run, play fetch, good with kids and loves meat (moderate amounts) is a must. Since pets love to do everything their owners do, maybe it’s natural that they want to look just like their owners too. Next time you’re walking down the aisles in that pet store and little Harley begs for that miniature leather jacket, go ahead and get it for him. He wants to look just like his hero. And imitation is the highest form of flattery.

It’s similar to people when they live together for so many years that they begin to look alike. No wonder people Pets who look like their ownersand their pets begin to look alike as well. Got extra hair on your chin? That’s ok! You’re just starting the transformation to look like Max or Bruiser! Got some extra hair coming out of those ears? Gizmo will love that you are starting to look just like him!

Take a look at these pics and share your thoughts in the comments below. Enjoy!

(Editors note: The dude in the featured pic won the prize for the ‘When Dogs Look Like Their Owners’ contest)


Shelter Dog’s Human Features

This Dog in Indiana has Human Features

When dogs start to look like their owners

When Dogs Look Like Their Owners

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  1. Those pictures are ridiculous! My youngest still watches 101 Dalmations a lot and there’s a scene in there where they show different dog owners walking along with their dogs, and all the owners and dogs look alike. Lol.

    • I watched that as a kid too and remember those scenes. haha! They were hilarious. So were Horace and Jasper – Those long legged lummicks.

  2. Those pictures are very funny.

    But it brings to mind the question, where would we be without dogs?

    They’re our best friends and companions. When the wife and kids an are mad at us, and the world is against us, who do we turn to? Our most loyal friend.

    “Old Yeller” should be required viewing for every member of the human race, and for especially cat lovers.

    • Agree with you on Old Yeller. Cat’s just arent the same. Most cats are almost like an accessory and not a friend. I’ll probably get some hate mail from cat lovers for saying that. haha!

  3. That’s hilarious! This is the dog I’m going to have someday. I don’t know what that says about me…


  4. Hey John,
    Yes you’re right about the hate mail about cats…I LOVE cats and I have many! However,
    I do have a little dog & we love him too.
    Love your photos…Brings a smile & a big thumbs up..

  5. I loved these photos of dogs resembling their owners. They made my day .. Thank you so much 🙂

    I am sharing one of your pics on my facebook fanpage at


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