25 Pictures That Will Motivate You to Shout No Excuses!

The only one that can stop you from trying is you!

No excuses baby

Need some motivation for 2013? These 25 pictures will do it. Guaranteed! Think you’re poor? You won’t after you scroll down and try out the “Wealth Calculator”. Think the dealer gave you a crappy hand in life? Not compared to some of the fearless men and women in the pictures below.

Do you know about the men that didn’t give up – ever? Read about them at Never Give Up

Too often we talk ourselves out of doing the right thing. Excuses are so easy to come by. Sometimes all it takes is a little Courage, Integrity, Wisdom, Sacrifice, Honor or Responsibility to say “No Excuses”.

These 25 pictures will do just that by emphasizing NO EXCUSES.

No excuses I kicked cancer

This picture alone does it! How could we complain or give up?


Pistorius and little girl

This picture of Oscar Pistorius and the little girl during the London Olympics 2012 touched hearts all over the world.


Policeman gives boots


NYPD Officer Larry DePrimo purchases boots and socks for a homeless man. I’m sure he could have found an excuse to not spend that $100+.


No Excuses paralympics

Gold Medal!

Tao Zheng of China celebrates winning the men’s 100m backstroke. Unbelievable!


No excuses Matt Stutzman at London Paralympics 2012

Matt Stutzman at London Paralympics 2012



Amy Purdy competes in the Amazing Race 2012 TV Show with prosthetic legs.


No excuses Father of the year



No excuses mother pull ups

Fitness Mother of the Year!?


kyle maynard mt kilimanjaro

Kyle Maynard climbed Mt Kilimanjaro with no arms and no legs.



Jay Price Hurricane Sandy


Hurricane Sandy Heroes:

Jay Price and his squad of fire fighters risked their lives saving others. They rescued all night through the waist deep water, trees crashing around them and braving 60 mph winds.





Selfless Service | There’s No Excuse for cowardice


Think you’re poor?

Click here for the Wealth Calculator and find out where you rank in the world. You’ll be surprised.





No Excuses African Kids Dancing





Poor but Happy!

Tijuana House Building Volunteers

A house being built in Tijuana by The Rock Church volunteers. There’s no plumbing or electricity but the recipients were over joyed.


family in haiti

Family in Haiti after the earthquake. Makes me thankful for my own room and roof over my head.


no excuses fitness in africa

Improvise, Adapt and Overcome! No Excuses to not work out.


No excuses girl running

Makes you think twice about crying over aches and pains…


No excuses painter



no excuses Army strong

 Army Strong!!!


no excuses ever

I remember reading about him in the sports news few months ago and my excuses quickly vanished.


no excuses rock climber

No excuses buddies shooting

That’s friendship!


lioness save cub

Lioness risks her life to save her cubs.



Soul Surfer Bethany Hamilton lost an arm to the jaws of a shark and she’s back in the water winning trophies!


Soldier and son

Treasure your family. Let them know.


no negativity

You are loved just the way God created you.




Manhood Not Guaranteed – Responsibility Required


No Excuses! Man Up!


  1. Awesome photos. I wouldn’t actually want a quad that big, but the leg on that bodybuilder is impressive!

  2. Amazing photos. I have no reason to complain, ever.

  3. Thanks for sharing gents! Great pics, that make me think of what I think is my limit. I know in my head I can go further than I think I can. Its making that translate to real life that matters! Ask Todd about ESOAL

  4. It’s so awesome to see how happy those little boys are in that picture with the 3 of them! Them and their pudgy little bellies. lol.

    The world wealth calculator is pretty scary to think about. It’s amazing how much we take for granted and how truly spoiled we all are. Even the people that think they’re sacrificing or don’t have much here in the US have far more than most in this world could dream of having.

  5. Very encouraging. They make me feel so small. Thank you.

  6. Thank you so much for that. I must have stumbled across your blog (well RFI got me here) for a reason because I really needed that today!

  7. The picture of the soldier hugging his baby made me cry… being a mom messes with your hormones!

  8. Great post. My favourite was the soldier holding his child. Pure joy.

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