How Online Shopping Gets You to Spend More

On the heels of the popular Amazon Prime Day, where you can find plenty of deals that will sure to open up your wallet, maybe when you weren’t planning on it, which is really smart on their party to entice online shopping even more.  These days you don’t even have to leave the house to fight crowded store and searching for a parking space, especially if you try and go on the weekend.  In addition to being stress-free, online retailers have a few other perks as well that makes all the more reason to leave the house to shop even less.

Anything You Want, Any Time of Day

The good (and bad) of online shopping is that you can shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, there are no closings, and you have unlimited sites to visit when looking for a product, so even if an item is sold out on one site or is a higher price, you just move on to the next one.  This can be tough, especially working from home, where you can surf and load items up in your cart on impulse buys and throwing your budget out of whack.

One-Click Buying

Online retailers really make it easy to purchase, especially on sites like Amazon where you don’t even have to go through the purchase process anymore.  If your account/card info is stored you can do a one-click purchase where it doesn’t even give you the “are you sure you want to buy?” option.  Sure, this makes it easy, but it gives you little time to think about the purchase before you make it.  At least in the store in person you can think about it, maybe even changing your mind when you wait in line at the checkout.

Free Shipping

Depending on the item you are purchasing, or your patience for that matter, you may need it right away, so it makes sense to contemplate going into a store to buy, but with free shipping options, you can wait and extra couple days for the product to arrive and you never have to leave the house.  Some sites require you to hit a minimum purchase before free shipping can be met, while Amazon Prime members can get free two-day shipping on pretty much any purchase.  Now that grocery stores are delivering food as well, there may never be a reason to leave your house to shop ever again.

AdSense Gets You to Come Back

Even if you manage to have the willpower to walk away from completing an online purchase, it may be thrown in your face again at the next website you visit.  With AdSense, it can track which items you were looking at, and show in the corner of the next site to go to, making it even more tough to avoid the purchase.  This time, if you do make the purchase, the site you were looking at will get a cut, since it helped lure you back to the purchase.  Pretty smart.

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