Ways to Save at the Grocery Store

When you think about saving money at the grocery store one of the first things that come to mind are the crazy coupon clippers that you see on TV, bringing the huge balance down to around $0, but that is not realistic to the average shopper, especially considering they buy whatever is on sale and make a stockpile.  While coupons definitely are important in saving money at the grocery store, there are other ways to save even more.

Never Shop on an Empty Stomach

When you are hungry, everything sounds good.  Just like pulling into a fast food drive-thru and ordering everything on the menu when you are hungry, the same can go in the grocery store as well.  If you go on an empty stomach you will come out with way more than you need, filling the cart up with impulse purchases, and then once you get home and eat and finally get a clear head, will wonder why you broke the bank, and probably your waistline.  If you can eat at home before you decide to make it to the grocery store, you will save plenty.

Don’t Forget the Rewards Card

It may seem like a scam to have the normal prices high and then magically be on sale if you use your rewards card, and maybe it is, by why not use your card every time and save every dollar you can?  Not only for sale prices, but you can also load digital coupons to your card (if you can remember what they are), and also take advantage of the promos such as “10 for $10”, and buying a number of the ticketed items to save additional money off of the sale prices.  Also, buy using the rewards card you can accumulate fuel points to use for discounted gallons at the pump.

Stick to a Grocery List

You always hear the old bit about having to go into the store for bread and milk and come out with bags upon bags of groceries, or coming home and wondering what you spent all the money on.  It can be overwhelming walking into the grocery store, so if you can go in with a plan, you will be better off.  To avoid impulse purchases, stick to your list, and only your list.  I have often even heard to stick to the perimeter of the store, where all the fresh items are, and you can avoid going down each aisle and probably buying more than you need.

Avoid the Crowds and Benefit on Deals

While there isn’t an exact science to grocery shopping, there can be a benefit to going during the week, especially mid-week after dinnertime.  Grocery stores are packed on the weekends, so not only will you avoid that crowd which may be worth it in itself not having to fight parking and carts being left in the aisles, but you can also find even more sales and promos to get people in the stores.  After all, why would stores put more on sale on the weekend when they know there will already be a crowd.


  1. tonybanj says:

    Thanks, nice tips. I also use some discount coupons or special offers at the supermarkets

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