No Time and No Money to Train? How To Look Like A Stud Anyways

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Are you broke? Are you short on time? Would you like to get in shape somehow with these two major issues looming?

I was on a trip a few weeks ago and a guy came up to us to ask about approaching women. He had no confidence. I was surprised by this. He then blamed his lack of confidence on the fact that he has been so busy that he has no time to train or eat properly, so now he has a major beer belly.

This really threw me off guard for a few reasons. A truly fearless man is confident in his own skin, regardless if he has a six pack or a keg, Also, you don’t need an abundance of time and money to get into shape.

Let’s start off by addressing the obvious. Getting into amazing shape comes down to what you eat and how you train.

You have to realize that good food isn’t always more expensive.

There’s this myth that eating well is expensive. While buying everything organic can add up, you don’t have to eat a diet of 100% organic food to eat healthy.

The majority of the battle with eating right is preparing your food in advance. The reason that food can be expensive is because we don’t plan in advance. We wake up and go to work or school. We don’t think about how we plan on fueling our bodies. Then around noon it hits. Hunger comes. Since you didn’t prepare any food, you’re forced to spend money on whatever food you can find. This usually isn’t cheap because we’ll end up going somewhere with our co-workers.

If you took an hour each Sunday to get some groceries and food together for the week, you wouldn’t have to worry about eating some crappy pizza every single day for lunch or spending money at restaurants.

This leads to the next point…

There are different ways to eat.

Food timing is a pretty highly debated topic in the fitness community these days. There are different ways that you can time your meals to help deal with your moods, your appearance, and your training.

What are common ways you can time your meals?

The following are ideas that might seem unorthodox to some, but have actually been common for centuries.

  • Protein first. I first discovered this in the 4-Hour Body. Tim Ferriss suggests that we start the day off with 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up. This helps you feel good for the start of your day and we’re then less likely to blow money on lunch.
  • Intermittent fasting. Have you heard about this? The general idea is to fast every day for 16 hours. You have an 8-hour eating window where you eat.
  • A 24-hour fast once a week. This strategy was brought to light in the eBook, Eat Stop Eat. The goal is to take 24 hours off from eating once per week. As the research suggests, a fast per week is good for your body.
  • Warrior diet. I’ve been trying this lately. The goal is to fast during the day. Then in the evening you have 4 hours to feast. It works for me because I do most of my writing during the day and then I worry about eating when the sun goes down.

The timing of your meals will depend on what works best with your body. There’s no one-size-fits-all sort of answer here. The goal is to find a method that helps you feel your best and look great naked.

What about the working out part on a budget?

Working out can be done anywhere!no time no money to train

Are you ready for this? You can work out in your basement or the local park if you really want to.

How can you get in a quick pump anywhere?

  • Try one of the many home-based workouts out there. There’s a new home-based workout hitting the market everyday. I’ve heard great things about P90X.
  • Use the park. The park has everything you need for a great workout. You can do pullups, jumping squats, incline pushups, and rows. Plus, you get some fresh air in.
  • Your living room floor is more than enough. With a kettlebell and a few weights, you can get in a hell of a workout. Try this: two minute maximum pushups, 50 swings, 50 air squats, and some jumping jacks to finish off. This simple routine alone will give you a sweet boost.

You believe me now that you can workout anywhere?

Creativity is an amazing thing.

I’m not the brightest guy out there, but I can certainly be clever. Well, clever to the point that it gets me into trouble at times. Clever enough to turn life into an adventure/work out.

You couldn’t hit the gym? Bust out as many pushups and air squats as you can before you shower.

No time to prepare food? Grab a bag of almonds, a protein shake, or a can of tuna. Zero preparation time involved.

You now have no excuses. You can build that amazing physique and feel on top of the world even when you’re busy and broke.

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  1. 30 grams of protein all at once seems like it would be pretty hard on your kidneys. I remember when I ate like what the Warrior diet/intermittent fasting recommends. I also remember gaining 20lbs in 6 months while doing so. 🙂

    • 30 grams isn’t a whole lot of protein. Steaks are 60-100 grams +. I’m impressed you gained 20 lbs from the Warrior diet–that’s insane! Were you previously already lifting and eating to gain?

      • 30 grams could be too much for some, but for me it fills me up just right. Wait, did you really gain that much weight? Wow! Was it all muscle?

      • 30 grams is still almost half of my recommended daily intake.

        It wasn’t THAT kind of 20lbs. I’m sure I added a little muscle, since that was around the time I started working as a furniture mover on the weekends, but most of that was pure fat.

  2. So true. Thanks for the thinking outside the box tips. Great post!

  3. Love this article. I’ve been working on figuring out the optimal time to fast, with a newborn our time to cook and prepare meals has been dwindled down severely.

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