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It’s been a long busy week and I apologize for not replying to comments in last weeks FM Round-Up. On St Patty’s Day I got a 10 week old Lab puppy and you know what that means. Her name’s Molly and she’s awesome! Had a few accidents in the house the first few days but since then she’s been great. I also just purchased one of those puppy bells and I’m trying to teach her to ring it when she needs to go out but the door is closed. We’ll see how she does. I’m doing the Crate training. Any of you ever done that?


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“At 25, he’s expecting his first child. My oldest daughter was born the day before my 26th birthday, and I was born when my father was 24. Nevertheless, I didn’t have an older brother to “give me the real” about how life was going to inevitably change. Some of these realizations, I’ve come to through trial and error. The rest are knowledge that’s been shared with me, or that has recently occurred to me.”

My First Default With Lending Club – This next article is about Peer 2 Peer Lending. I don’t know much about it but Harry over @ Your Personal Finance Pro covers what you need to know. It got me intrigued and I might look into it.

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  1. Oh, puppies. I know you are having fun. I have done the crate training and the bell. It just takes time, but they will catch on.

    Thank you for including my post about Save1. I really appreciate it and I hope you have an awesome weekend.

  2. Thanks for the mention John, I really appreciate it! I love Labs! We had them when I was growing up and were always fun to have around. Good luck with the training!

  3. Thanks for the inclusion!! Have a great Easter.

  4. Thanks for the mention today! Enjoy the puppy! We can’t afford one!

  5. Thanks for the mention.

    Sounds like that guy’s family is pretty consistent with the timing of starting a family!

  6. Congrats on the puppy. We crate train and are definitely satisfied with the results. We’ve had zero incidents since. Thanks for the mention!

  7. Thanks for the mention! Much appreciated!

  8. Thank you for the mention John, Hope you and the Fam have a wonderful Easter!

  9. Thanks for the mention John.

  10. Puppies are so much work, but so cute and sweet. Congrats on your new addition. Thanks for including me.

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