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Fearless Men Highlight:

On Sunday Todd is running in the San Diego Half Marathon. He’s been training for 3 months and wrote about his training experience in How to Train for a Half Marathon. Make sure to come back soon because he’s going to write about this marathon in the near future.

My Favorite Discussion of the Week: Sequestration

Want an easy-to-read breakdown of this sequestration? Jose does a great job. This is a MUST-READ.

Sequestration – Let it Come – Here’s Why by Jose @ The Wise Dollar

“We have over $16 trillion dollars in debt, sequestration was put into law in 2011 with the (don’t laugh) Budget Control Act. It calls for $1.2 trillion dollars in across the board government spending cuts  over the next ten years, with $85 billion set to go into affect this year. Elected officials essentially passed the buck again, figuring that spending cuts would be so severe that future lawmakers would have to amend this bill.”

Sequestration: Has the US Government Cried Wolf Too Many Times?  by Kim @ Eyes on the Dollar

Weekly Round-Up | Thank you all for commenting and sharing your articles with the Fearless Men readership.

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Why Do Sales Make Us Irrational Shoppers? by Grayson @ Debt RoundUp

The Cost of Disorganization by Edward Antrobus

Investing in Stocks and The Stop Loss by Jose @ The Wise Dollar

Taking the Plunge: How to Build a Client Base For Your Small Business by John @ Frugal Rules

How Are Things Really Going? by TB @ Blue Collar Workman

GUEST POST: Checks Are Not Dead Yet @ Makin The Bacon

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  1. Thanks for the mentions John. I appreciate the kindness. Jose’s post about sequestration was good. I enjoyed the read.

  2. Thanks as always for the mention John! Good luck to Todd on his half marathon on Sunday!

  3. Good luck Todd! Thanks for the mention.

  4. Wow, Thanks for the double mention! It’s much appreciated! IAlso, thanks for some links to some more great reads!

  5. Thanks for the mention, dudes!

    Running a marathon is crazy! It’ll be cool to hear how it went

  6. As always, I appreciate the mention guys! Thanks for the Giveaway!

  7. Thanks for the mention. Personally, I haven’t been following the sequestration debate at all. The way I see it, either they will back out or let it happen. If it happens, either we will muddle through or dip back into a recession. Of those three possible outcomes, there is really nothing I can do about the situation. Que sera sera.

    • Our economy does fluctuate like that and tends to follow a cycle. Also one reason I’m not to worried. It doesn’t concern me though that we’d end up in a state like this and especially for those it is directly effecting.

  8. Thanks for including me. Have a great weekend.

  9. Hey guys, how and where do you enter for the giveaway?? Am I too late? I just saw the link on Gplus and came right over, who doesn’t like free stuff or at least a chance at free stuff right?? Lol, hope everyone is having a fabulous week and getting ready for GSP vs Diaz this weekend!!!

    • Okay, answered my own question. For some strange reason, the entry box did not display until after I submitted a coment. I think there is an issue on my end using my work computer they tend to block everything, lucky I’m even able to access this site!

      • Glad you found it and were able to enter! Good luck winning! And that you get to view our site. We always appreciate your comments!

  10. Eric Jarrell says

    Looks like a cool giveaway

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