Qualities Every Leader Should Possess

You may be inspired to follow your own dreams and make the world a better place. In order to do that, you’ll need excellent leadership skills. Here are some of the qualities you need in order to be a great leader. Communication Quality leaders keep their employees in the loop. They’re willing to talk about […]

The Rules to Always Being a Gentleman | Part I

I’ve been thinking often, for the past 8 months, on what being a gentleman requires and means. Oddly, as a men’s blog we’ve yet to write specifically on being a gentleman. As the old year just passed, and we’re two weeks into the new one, many guys have big goals and focus points on what […]

5 Anger Management Strategies

There’s a lot in this world that can stir up ones emotions, and anger is one of those emotions that surfaces quite frequently. And it’s normally not one we’re proud of. I used to get all riled up by traffic. The stupidest thing would set me off in a mindless rage – all done within […]

Start Living, Not Complaining

Have you ever heard the saying “glass half full or glass half empty?” This is a phrase used to describe people who pay more attention to the positive (solutions) or negative side of situations (complaining). Studies show that complaining evokes brain stress, which can manifest itself in physical lassitude. The sad part is complaining becomes […]

Become a Better Man: Humility is a Strength and Trait of A Real Man

We live in a world where the measure of a man is upside down, and most men and women have it backwards. The traits of a real man are no longer on display, but are instead replaced with fakes that are masquerading all around our TV’s, magazines, and infiltrating our lives. If we’re honest with […]

Substance Abuse, the Armed Forces, and Bouncing Back [Infographic]


How to Conquer Overworking

Do you know people that claim they can’t find the time for things? The ironic thing about this saying is that it is impossible to ‘find’ more time. You have to make time for things. For the most part, when I hear this saying, it comes from those that overwork. They spend the majority of […]

30 Years and 30 Life Lessons

I just entered my 30s earlier this year. A lot of people asked me what I was thinking about leading up to my birthday, and it mostly was excitement. As I looked back, I felt pretty young and realized I’ve still got lots of life left. With that in mind, I decided to record the […]

How Men Can Achieve Health, Wealth, and Happiness in 2014

As we countdown the days in 2013, we get ready for a new year…2014. And forget about New Years resolutions, they never work. Well, for me they don’t. I need goals and plans as much as the next guy. But I need them all the time, not just as a new year resolution. The challenges […]

How Men Can Keep a Good Attitude in Bad Times

There is no one I know that hasn’t had some form of adversity in their life. The term “bad times” is very subjective, and for each man the term can take on a much different meaning. Many of the circumstances surrounding bad times is out of our control. If you can learn to be positive, thankful and […]