The Lies of Manhood: Looking for Worth in the Wrong Places

Men have a hard time defining what’s most important to manhood. What they really want to live and die for. Impressionable men spend aimless years looking for something to ascribe worth to them. They aim for what others say should be important. Insecurity and self-worth are hurt and medicating this pain becomes a chief priority. […]

Gentleman Rules Part II | How to Be a Gentleman

Earlier this week we wrote Part I of II on How To Be A Gentleman. Some lads, young and old, might need an extra tip to point them in the direction towards manly and gentlemanly behavior. Fret not, if you want to carry yourself in a well-regarded fashion, these finer points are for you. Check […]

Leadership Lessons: The Dark Side of Leadership

Some people are allergic to being in front. But many men crave it. Some because they want to make a difference and invest in people. Others because they want the fanfare, recognition, and control. The dark side of leadership-it’s easy to see it in others, but what about you and me? When it comes to […]

Humility: The Quiet Trait That Everyone Will Notice

“Humility is grown in the desert.” -Unknown Recently I shared the above quote on humility and my buddy TB asked if we’d expand on it. I don’t know where it came from or who stated it. I recollected it while pulling together some quotes and have no idea where I saw it. Many times us […]

3 Questions To Ask Yourself Daily To Stay On Course

I’m a big believer in “think time.” Processing your day every day to close it out. Some people like to journal. That’s cool. But I’m horrible at that. At the least, here’s some questions to ask yourself daily. While writing this I read some other articles on the same subject and found them to often […]

15 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself

In the words of Carl Bard, “Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” This is a great truth that can be realized today. But sometimes to get to a fresh start, we’ve got to stop doing some things. If […]

Manhood Not Guaranteed – Responsibility Required

Manhood not guaranteed Manhood is not a guarantee. Becoming a man is not a right, it’s a choice. Or better yet, it’s a process. We don’t wake up one morning as a young teenage boy and enter into manhood just because we found a few stray hairs in unusual places. Manhood is not achieved through […]

Distinguish Yourself from the Crowd

Ever wonder how you should distinguish yourself from others? Did you want a promotion, a scholarship, someone’s attention or just a job? Or maybe you’re wondering why you need to distinguish yourself? When I was 17 years old my friend’s dad told me that he never had unique talents or extraordinary gifts. He put in […]

Should You Care What People Think?

“I don’t care what people think.” It’s a popular notion to not give a damn and act however you want. If people’s opinions don’t have any value, I guess it’s right to not care. But if people DO matter, then we might want to listen to what they have to say. There really is no […]

Work and Life Balance

Caught trying to juggle the busyness of life? For all of us, at the end of each day there’s always something forgotten that needed to get done. Sometimes it slips our mind. Sometimes we over extend ourselves. Sometimes we give up our own plan to help another. We need work and life balance. Each night […]