25 First Date Ideas

first dateTo find the best first date ideas it takes some homework. It also depends on who you’re taking on a date. That’s why you have 25 first date ideas to choose from! You might be friends already and are thinking of taking it from platonic to romantic. This will be a lot different from a blind date or a girl you asked out at the local grocery store. Is she your highschool sweet heart or a complete stranger? Only you know which of these first date ideas will be right, and where you’ll be confident displaying the best you. So we figure the best way to help you secure a second date is to offer 25 First Date Ideas for you to pick from.

These are arranged in no particular order – on purpose. We don’t want you to let us pick the date for you. As you read through them picture you and her hanging out, relaxed, enjoying laughs and letting the adventure begin. You don’t want to force it, and that includes the location.

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Coffee and Dessert

Coffee is a classic first date idea, and one that has been tried and tested. It’s a date that is easygoing and allows you and your date to get to know each other a little better before you take your dates to another level. Throw in dessert, even better. Do try to stay away from Starbucks. You got to put some work into it. If you can find non-chain local coffee house that serves dessert she’ll appreciate it.

Go For A Walk

You can go on a walk with your date and stop into a new shop or cafe every so often to try something new. If you’re near the coast even better. Alternatively, If you and your date enjoy being out in nature, you can go on a nice walk and then sit down and take a breather while you take in the beautiful scenery and enjoy the romance.


Going to the park is another great easy going idea that can be a really fun time. You can even take a picnic and eat together, which is always a great thing to do on a date. If she’s athletic or enjoys some low key sports like Frisbee then bring that along.

Picnic By the Water

A nice setting by a lake or river can be free of distractions and allow you and your date to be able to enjoy being in others company. She might even enjoy taking a boat out. Make sure you’re ready to do the rowing. You could even time it around a sunset to get extra points.

Cook Her Dinner

Cooking dinner is a nice personal gesture and allows you to show off your cooking skills, which will always impress a woman. Make sure you choose a meal that’s appropriate for a date and don’t forget to clean up your place. The dinner might be perfect but the setting is a mess then it’ll destroy the ambiance.

Zoofirst date pets

Zoos are always an interesting and fun experience, and sharing that with your date is always a good idea. Most woman love animals. A setting like a zoo is also good because it gives you plenty of time to talk while you walk around. Now if you’re not capable of holding a conversation or expect her to do all the talking than this might not be the best location. You’ll get stuck expecting the talking parrot to hold your end of the convo.


Karaoke allows you both to step outside of your comfort zone and show of your singing and showmanship skills. And if you have neither of those skills than karaoke is still always a bit of fun!


I little bit of competition on a first date adds a bit of flavor to the mix, and while a bit cliche, bowling is always fun. Make sure you don’t get too competitive though! More than likely she isn’t a pro bowler and isn’t keeping score.


A classic date, going to a movie allows you to snuggle close together and experience the excitement of cinema. It also allows you to get closer to your date, which is always exciting! If you pick a comedy you’ll enjoy some good laughs together. Be careful to know her style. Many a guy picked a raunchy flick and regretted it.

Ice Skating

Another cliche, but one that is a cliche for a reason, ice skating is always a good laugh for you and your date. Ice skating is a good idea for something to do before you head off somewhere else. But I don’t recommend you suggest this if you can’t skate.

Live Jazz

Jazz music in particular has a romantic feeling to it. Seeing a live Jazz band with your date in a dimly lit room with a glass of wine is very classy.

Amusement Park

Nothing screams fun like an amusement park. This idea is sure to bring out your inner child and really get a good chemistry going between you and your date. If they got bumper cars it’s a must!

Sports Event

Baseball games are a part of America’s past time and you can’t go wrong with this one. Get seats right around the middle so you can take in the game while talking. You won’t have to worry about foul balls. Unless you’re a great catcher, then sit close and walk away the hero rescuing her from a line drive.

Boat Ride

There are a number of kinds of boats you could take, but bring a picnic along and nothing beats the romantic setting of being on the water with your date. Whale or dolphin watching is a popular favorite. Some even offer dinners and dancing.


Another classic first date idea, sharing food over good conversation will always brings you closer. If you can choose a restaurant with a nice view even better. Make sure to yelp it first. Some key items to look at are ambiance, parking, dress code, reservations and price range. A themed restaurant is a great first date ideoa to, and it will be especially good if the theme has a touch of romance in it.

Old Fashioned Pubfirst date drinks

A rustic setting can liven things up, and be a great place to get to know your date. Sometimes there will even be a live band playing! You might have to scout out the place first because if it’s the type of place that gets really loud then you’ll leave knowing nothing about her.

Wine Tasting

This is another first date idea that will allow you your date to literally try something new. Vineyards are also a very romantic setting. Some of them offer tours or even movies.

Street Fair or Carnival

This is another great way to take it easy and get to know each other. There are new and interesting things around every corner, and this can be great for conversation! Try the different foods together and have some competitive fun at the games. Maybe you’ll win her favorite human sized rabbit!


Aquariums are sure to bring you and your date closer together and also allow you to experience new and interesting creatures, which is a great talking point. If she’s a fan of the oceans she’ll love it!

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is fun and allows you to show off a sense of manliness. You might want to have some practice first though or you’ll look anything but manly. Maybe find out how comfortable she is with horses too. Horses a beautiful creatures but can also be dangerous, so do some research on the safety precautions and if they offer 1st time classes. Don’t forget that sometimes they’ll offer horseback riding with wine tasting so be sure to ask or look for this.

Special Event

If there is a special event going on in your city or town, this can be a perfect and unique first date idea, which is sure to be memorable. Find your local magazine because there will definitely be news in there for whats happening.

Standup Comedy Show

A comedy show will get you both in a good mood, and is an even better idea if you can add dinner to the mix. It can be either before or after. It would be a good idea to know her type of humor or there will be no laughs, and the joke will be on you.


This is an especially good idea if your date has a favorite band that is playing close by. She will be very thankful for the surprise! This is an especially good idea if your date has a favorite band that is playing close by. For example, if you live in Philadelphia you should not only check out Philadelphia concert tickets but the surrounding area as well.


Another very classy first date idea, this is a good idea if you want to see a grand show together. It will also be a very strong talking point for later on.

Hot Air Balloon

While expensive, a hot air balloon ride can leave you both amazed at the views. It will also bring you both closer in each others company and the things you see along the way will be a very good memory. You could even bring along a bottle of champagne to enjoy on the way or have at the end to celebrate.

Let us know which one of these first date ideas you’ve been on, and maybe you can add suggestions or increase our list.

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  1. I like these ideas. I like keeping the first date simple. When I was younger I would often try too hard to impress a girl by taking her to a real nice restaurant when it wasn’t needed. My wife and I had a very short first date. We met after work one night at a bar. Got a snack and two beer samplers. Two hours later I dropped her off at the metro and it worked out great. Stick with the basics and have some fun.

    • I’ve done that too! ha! If it’s too expensive you there might be unrealistic expectations on both parties. Or one might unfairly feel indebted.

  2. These are all fun date ideas. Great list! 🙂

  3. Great ideas. I’ve actually done some of these for my first date. They’re always the most memorable.

  4. There are some great ones here John. My wife and I dated long distance and she was in LA at the time and I was here in Omaha. Our first real date was at Disneyland and was a blast. My next time out she surprised me with tickets to see UCLA play Michigan at the Rose Bowl…I was hooked. 🙂

    • Wow! I didn’t know that. Disneyland is a good spot. What girl doesn’t love it there? She certainly showed her appreciation with those tickets. Sounds like an awesome woman!

  5. My first date ever was ice skating. Most other first dates were a simple dinner and a movie.

    • I can’t do the ice skating cause I’d just fall on my ass. ha! I’ve only done a movie once on a first date because I like to chat and get to know each other.

      • I can make it around the rink okay as long as I don’t try to go too fast or do anything fancy… like stop!
        My wife and I like to joke that the point to seeing “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” was that there was something for both of us to get us in the mood. 😉

        • Ha! Yea, stopping is definitely tough. Iceskating always reminds me of the movie Just Friends where Ryan Reynolds gets beat by those kids while playing hockey.

  6. Has anyone mentioned Taco Bell. I think its time to bring the classy back into first dates, and nothing says “I see long term potential” than a taco!

  7. I think live music is a great first date, gives you a chance to talk about something or tune the other person out if you’re not having fun 😉

  8. A guy took me to the supermarket to watch the lobsters fight in the lobster tank

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