Ways to start saving – Iban Wallet improves your savings

When it comes to saving money, we all have good intentions, right? We often give ourselves false hopes that we will save after we reach a specific milestone. This could mean different things for different people. Some would save after they get a raise, others save based on their age or when Paul finally moves out from your room.

In reality, you can only start saving when you inculcate money-saving habits and focus on the future more than the present ‘wants’. More often, saving money is not a top priority goal because short-term goals are more important for some people. In worse cases, this piles up debt, which dictates their lives.

If you have made up your mind on saving, then you can open an account in a bank and earn interest on the deposited savings. But it is prudent to avoid tying it up in an emergency fund, which may give profit after a certain period of time. If saving for the long run is your goal, then look for an account with projected fixed-rate interest. There are many options in these kinds of accounts, which provides this feature, and you should look out for the one with the highest interest rate.

But what about those who do not wish to opt for traditional banking routes? For those, the answer is Iban Wallet.

Iban Wallet – A revolutionary concept in saving

Simply put, it is an online investment portal, which allows the users to invest and earn a projected fixed rate of interest on a daily basis. There are different account types and offer different interest rates, depending on the customer’s choice of account.

The projected fixed rate of interest ranges from 2.5% to 6%. As a global marketplace, investors are provided with a transparent and easy way to use the platform to earn generous returns on their savings.

Protection of the users

In this investment ecosystem, the funds are deposited in the Electronic Money Institution, which is regulated by European Central Bank. The customers are protected via Safeguard Trust and Buyback Guarantee.

How Iban works?

Types of investment accounts

Iban Wallet account is a basic account and it is advisable to start off during the initial days in order to test the waters. If you are content with everything that the investment portal offers, you can invest more money and get better returns. The better options in this regard are Dynamic, Market and One accounts.

In these above-mentioned accounts, the return on investment is much, much higher. The investors have to agree to a term of 5, 3 and 1 year respectively. This is for individuals who aspire to earn higher profits after their investments have fully matured.

In conclusion, Iban Wallet is ideal for saving purposes. It allows the customers to learn the ropes of investment before moving on to other avenues and provides investors with a means to earn passive income without their day-to-day involvement.

Allocate a set amount for these funds and watch them grow over time. The portal does not have withdrawal request and account opening charges either, so all the more reason for you to join right now.

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