Try Something Different and Have a Bowling Night with the Fellas

As much as we all love the bar scene, sometimes there can be a night when you want to get a group of guys together without paying the $8 drinks and dealing with the bar crowd.  As the years go on and we started getting married and having kids, you really appreciate your time together with your friends and want to have the best time when out on the town.  Instead of having a stale night at the same bar you always go to, try something different, get the guys together and head to the bowling alley for a fun night out.

Meet Up and Pre-Party

Because open bowling does not typically start until late on a Saturday night after the leagues are finished, you have plenty of time to meet at someone’s house and have a few drinks before you head out.  Have some beers, mixed drinks, and shots ready, play some music, and get everyone in the mood to have a great night out.  The good news is that since you are avoiding the bars tonight, you will be surprised how far your money can go tonight and probably have even more to drink then you imagined you would.

Cheap Drinks at the Lanes

It is amazing how perfect bowling and pitchers of beer go hand in hand, and they will be flowing tonight.  The waitress will enjoy your group as she will have no problem continuing to bring the beer and cheap shots in excess to get you guys liquored up for a good time later in the night.  In fact, look around, others around you may just be ordering bowling alley pizza and sodas.  We just went out this previous weekend and they had a deal on pitcher full of Jell-O shots for $15 to toss around to each other after a good frame.

Cosmic Bowling

Now that you are having a great time out with the guys it is time to enjoy the magic that is, cosmic bowling, or glow in the dark bowling.  The cheesy dance music is playing, the lights are dimmed, and colors are bright as you bowl the next couple of hours.  Fortunately, with it being so dark, you are kind focused on your lane, so it helps if you are not the best bowler, trip, or throw your ball into the gutter.  Those that are single may finally get the courage to chat up the girls in the next lane.

The Afterparty

As the night starts to wind down and the few hours of open bowling finish up and the lights turn on, it is time to call it a night, at least there.  With Uber, so readily available these days, there is no reason at all to drive after having more than a couple drinks, so gather up your group, pile into cabs, and take to the next stop, whether that is a nearby bar, or to one of your friends who able to have the group over to blast music and be loud to all hours of the night.


  1. I’ve had a couple bowling boy’s nights. I was surprised by how fun it was!

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