Here Are Our Top 6 Jewelry Buying Tips for The Holidays

Fragments JewelryThe holidays are here and you’ve only got one week left. Do you want to buy a fancy present for your lady? It’s time to think about what is the perfect gift to give with the holiday being only one week away. Here’s our Top 6 jewelry buying tips for Christmas.

The Oprah herself (whether or not you’re a fan, she knows what products are good) recognizes Fragment’s designer jewelry as a favorite for women all over. Think about it: should the holidays be about purchasing just another fancy kitchen appliance or mall gift card for your loved one, or something much more memorable?

I’m not suggesting this to someone who just started dating. But if you’re in love, heading toward heading marriage and/or engagement, jewelry can-and possibly should-be on your giving list. Especially if you know how to make the purchase as easy as possible.

Women are in love with jewelry. Buying something meaningful for your special lady does not have to be a painful, laborious, confusing, overwhelming mystery. Nope. Not. At. All. Here are 6 tips for buying jewelry this Christmas and holiday season.

6 Best Holiday Jewelry Buying Tips

1. Ask her friends

Does she have a best friend, mother or sister who you can trust to not spill the beans? Ask them for their specific advice on what she may like.

2. You can always ask her yourself

Mmmmm…well, if it’s only a week before your holiday, I would suggest holding off on this one. Next time, drop this question oh so ever slightly a few weeks or month in advance.

3. Look at her jewelry box first

Not only will you avoid giving duplicates, your loved one’s current collection offers clues about what color metal they prefer, finger size, and style preferences. In fact, you might consider sneaking a ring out just to get the size correct if that’s what you’re going for.

4. Vet the Seller

What is the store’s return policy? Do they offer a maintenance package? If the site is online, make sure the site is well established and secure.

5. Quality Matters

Right now “costume jewelry” is very popular. You might consider buying something inexpensive that she’ll really enjoy (which is my suggestion if you’ve only be dating half a year or less—don’t break the bank for someone just yet if that’s the case. Actually—don’t break any banks. Buy a house instead!).

I think bracelets are always a winner when you are in that stage of figuring out how serious you are. Rings say a lot–hold off until your well in love. Here’s some great wrist decorations to look at.

When it comes to pricier jewelry, the best value is not always the lowest price; don’t sacrifice quality! It’s possible it can actually cost more in the long run! Buy something quality she’ll keep without having to run frequently to the jeweler for maintenance.

6. Buy Jewelry That Fits Her Lifestyle

Are they active? Sporty? Do they have an office job? Do they switch their jewelry a lot? Only wear it out on Friday nights—or do they wear luxurious jewelry to the office? Some rings are great for the office; others can stand up to hard work in the backyard. Know what you are buying just in case they like to get their hands dirty!

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