The Charms of Blue Collar Jobs Among Modern Men

There used to be a perception in the society about white-collar jobs particularly managerial positions in the office being more preferable than blue-collar jobs. But the world is continuously changing so is the society and the so-called “acceptable” preference. Nowadays, more and more modern men are starting to look at blue-collar jobs with more faith. They are considering these jobs for their careers. Why not? Blue-collar jobs are respectable, decent jobs and can be as high paying as white-collar jobs. Here are some more reasons why you should start considering blue-collar jobs as career option too.


  1. Cheaper and Shorter Years of Education – one of the best things about working in the skilled sector is the length of education required. Some people are not fortunate enough to afford to study a four-year course. You know how expensive going to college is. And most of the times, white-collar jobs require applicants to have a 4-year course diploma. It can be frustrating and depressing. However, when you are going for a blue-collar job, you only need a two-year course diploma and a lot of skills. Some jobs don’t even require workers to have a diploma as long as they got skills.
  2. Availability – majority of the people particularly fresh graduates aim to score a job in the office. They prefer to wear suit and tie and work in an air-conditioned room in front of a computer all day. But the thing is everyone wants this kind of job. So the chances of getting in can be harder especially when competing with more experienced applicants. But for skilled workers, there are more jobs available. You can even create your own job.
  3. Security – skilled trades can’t be outsourced and that’s one of the advantages of being a blue-collar job worker. When you are working in the office, there’s the constant fear of losing your job especially when new and younger people enter the scene. Nowadays, big companies outsource clerical works, bookkeeping, and other computer jobs so it lessens the job opportunity for office employees. But this is not possible for jobs that require skilled workers. So you can pretty much feel secured that there are jobs always available for you.
  4. High Salary – not only white-collar jobs offer high salary, there are blue-collar jobs that pay large monies too. Some examples of blue-collar job workers that receive high salary include police officers, bartenders in high-end clubs in major cities, construction workers, personal trainers, and others. When you have the skills and you are hardworking, earning 6-figure salary per year is definitely possible.
  5. Great Satisfaction – lastly and most importantly, when you are working with your bare hands and your skills, the satisfaction when you see the end result or finish products is priceless. Blue-collar job workers take great pride in every work and every project they do.


Blue-collar jobs like police works, mechanical works, and construction jobs among others are all decent, fulfilling, and reputable jobs that you can be proud of. Do not narrow down your choices only to white-collar jobs. You see being a blue-collar job worker can also be cool and charming.

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