The Benefits of Joining a College Fraternity

Many college students avoid fraternities, assuming that frats are merely a vehicle for partying and sadistic hazing rituals. In reality, these attention-grabbing aspects of joining a frat are exaggerated and overblown. Sure there are parties, but college kids will party whether they’re in Greek life or not. Yes, there are induction rituals, but they likely involve a few minor encounters with greek paddles, not excursions which induce post-traumatic stress disorder.

Furthermore, there are many professional, academic and social advantages available to frat members which often elude non-members. Below are just a few of the benefits of being part of a college fraternity:

Social Networking

One significant benefit of joining a fraternity is the formal installation of a social network. It is unpleasant for many students to leave home and start a new school where they have no friends. Joining a fraternity can be a great way to immediately build a bond with other students and avoid social isolation. Joining a Greek organization may also combat depression and loneliness in those who are leaving home for the first time and may not adjust well to being separated from family and old friends.

Academic Advantages

Some advantages associated with Greek life that contradict the common perceptions of most individuals include better grades and academic support. Although fraternities are often portrayed in the media as vehicles to promote the party atmosphere, numerous fraternities provide tutoring for members and hold group study sessions. Additionally, research published on the Harvard University website states that college graduation rates are 20 percent higher among fraternity members than those who do not join fraternities.

Career Opportunities

Joining a fraternity also offers benefits with regard to finding meaningful employment after graduation. This may be due to the fact that long-running frats typically have strong links to their alumni. For example, many alumni take on the role of house advisor or fill similar positions. For this reason, alumni are a terrific networking resource for those who can find one in the field in which they plan to work.

Fraternities also typically have community pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media sites. This provides new graduates with access to thousands of professional alumni. Additionally, joining a frat often leads to activities that can help graduates shine during future job interviews. Those who embrace Greek life usually engage in on-campus activities and community service projects, which can go a long way after graduation; those who can list such activities on a resume are often seen in a positive light by prospective employers.

Leadership Development

The benefits of a fraternity also include the fostering of leadership development skills. As long-standing fraternity members, students have the opportunity to run for officer positions of all types. This provides a great chance to gain leadership skills and become more active and involved in both the community and university activities.

Having a Good Time

Of course, everyone who goes to college enjoys a great party after a strenuous day or a poolside social or a night of dancing as a reward for acing a test. Naturally, it is fun to have an instant network of friends to party with and blow off steam.

Individual goals vary from one student to the next, but it is clear that joining a fraternity offers numerous advantages to virtually all prospective students.

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