How To Plan A Bachelor Party


So, you’ve all seen the movies; you know what bachelor parties can be like: it starts with alcohol and strippers and ends with self-loathing and the worst hangover of your life.  Does it have to be that way?  Of course it doesn’t.  A bachelor party should be a great collective memory which a bunch of guys will carry down the years.  Some native American tribes used to strap a pot of bees to the chests of their young men as a rite of passage to manhood.  The bachelor party does not have to be that pot of bees.  If you’re the best man your job is to create a bachelor party that everyone involved, especially the groom, will thank you for.  Don’t think it will just happen because you’re all such a great bunch of guys, this needs some serious planning, so here’s a few pointers.

Attention To Detail

Getting a group of guys together is really difficult, so you need to start planning this one well in advance.  First there’s the question of who.  Get a list from the groom and then think about the problems.  Do these people get along?  Is there a big age gap?  Choose the dates carefully, preferably about a month before the wedding and get everyone on the list to commit to that timeframe.  You’re going to need some money upfront and this is where it gets very tricky.  You may be a hotshot with a great job but can everyone afford what you’re asking them to contribute, you don’t want to embarrass or exclude people because their finances are tight.


The further you go the more expensive it gets but the magical mystery tour element is an important part of the party.  If you’ve managed things right, the groom shouldn’t have any idea where he’s going.  Maybe you’re heading out into the wilds for some trekking or white water rafting.  Maybe you’re heading down to Vegas for some hardcore Texas Hold’em.  Maybe it’s a dude ranch or the Florida Keys.  It’s a big, beautiful country, make sure you keep him guessing.


Don’t decide on something because it’s what you’re really into.  This is about the groom, remember.  You want everyone to enjoy the activities but most of all the groom.  It’s a demonstration of your friendship to show this guy that you know what he enjoys.


The guys have invested money and vacation time in this, make sure they’re going to be comfortable and if you’re camping in the woods that means making sure you’ve got the right equipment and enough supplies.  If you’re checked in to some plush Vegas hotel make sure that the other guys understand that if they wreck the joint, they’ll be paying the bill.  Probably best to let the management know that you’re a bachelor party so that they know what they’re in for.


Don’t imagine that liquor and wisecracks will see you through.  Plan plenty of entertainment, you can always cut the stuff there’s no time for.  You need to avoid people getting bored and you need to avoid people peaking too early, by that I mean getting too drunk to do anything by two in the afternoon.  And at the end of it all, when you’re broke and exhausted, the groom will tell you what a brilliant time he had and you’ll be on a high for days.



  1. Great article that definitely helps when planning a party.

    For the activity part, I found renting jet skis for a day on the water and attending a boxing or MMA match 2 great activity ideas

    Going for a deep sea fishing trip with a fishing boat, or take a lesson in fly fishing are great options as well.

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