How Much Should You Spend On a First Date? Vote in our Poll!

Hi Ladies and Gentleman: Today I posted  a full article over at Fearless Dollar on how much should a guy spend on the first date. Make sure to check it out, and give us your vote below! Here’s an excerpt:

I’m going to start off with clearing up an often heated discussion – yes, the man should pay for the first date. So while this article’s title might seem to be geared towards men only, it’s for our women readers too. How much would you expect your date to spend on you?

$25, $50 or up to $100 or more? There’s no exact formula where you throw in different scenarios and it produces an exact dollar amount. But there are many different scenarios. Are you taking a stranger out? Is it a blind date? Are you friends considering being romantic? Did you meet online? Each of these changes drastically what you’ll do on your date and how much it’ll cost.

Read the rest over at Fearless DollarHow Much To Spend On A First Date?



  1. william bauman says

    No more than $40.00. Leykis 101 rules.

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