Fearless Men’s Beard and Mustache Competition | Movember 2012

MovemberWho know’s how Movember got started? I first heard about it a few years ago thinking it was just about growing a cool stache. I had no idea it was in support of men’s health issues.  In 2011, over 854,000 men participated in this initiative and raised US$126.3m. All this from just growing a cool (sometimes uncool) stache? Here at Fearless Men we’re groing to throw our own Movember 2012 competition and there will be a prize. Make sure to read the rules clearly and post a comment if you have questions. (Note: Scroll down to see the prize)

A Little History

Movember Foundation Charity – A Global Movement

Movember is slang derived from “Moustache” and “November”. It’s a month long event started by some dudes in Melbourne, Australia back in 2004 to raise awareness for men suffering from prostate cancer and depression. After Australia, formal campaigns have sprung up in New Zealand, US, Canada, UK, South Africa, Ireland, Finalnd, the Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Belgium and the Czech Republic. Since then it has gone on to include testicular cancer and other men’s health issues and is known as the Movember Foundation Charity. It has grown to over 1.9 million across the world and since inception raised US$299m, so far. (Click here for more info)

movember winners

Past Movember Winners

Original Movember Charity Event Rules:

1) Register at movember.com and start your journey as a Mo Bros

2) Start November 1st with clean shaven face

3) For the entire month grow and groom a stache

4) Stache cannot connect to chin (This is a goatee)

5) You must conduct yourself as a gentlemen

If you’d like to donate without registering and participating in Movember you can go straight here to donate to a mens charity of your choice.

Other Events Similar to Movember

Because of the popularity behind Movember other facial hair growing events have taken off around the world. These do not belong to the Movember Foundation Charity and shouldn’t be confused. While Movember is only a stache, other events include not shaving or grooming at all for the whole month of November. You could already have a beard or stache but the idea is no trimming. Other events are start clean shaven and grow a stache or beard for 30 days. At Fearless Men though we have our own rules…

Fearless Men’s Rules to the Beard and Mustache Competition | Movember 2012 (US only*)

1) Subscribe to Fearless Men

2) ‘Like’ Fearless Men on Facebook

3) From when you sign up to Nov 30th: Mustache, or beard. Groom it, don’t groom it. Clean shaven, or don’t shave.

4) Instructions for submitting your best Movember picture will be provided by email

5) Voting by all Fearless Men readers

6) Prize mailed out

note: Our rules are different from the Movember Foundation Charity rules in that we’re accepting Beards and Mustaches (no goatees) and you don’t have to start off clean-shaven on November 1st.

*Due to shipping participants must be from US only

Who’s ready to barrel jump into the Fearless Men Beard and Mustache Competition | Movember 2012 and win this prize?

Economy Shaving Set

In addition to this awesome Manly Shaving Set Terry from Fix em Up Rent em Out is offering one of his ebooks to the winner. Right now they’re both being sold on Amazon. You don’t want to miss out on this!

Featured Image by Whatleydude

2nd Image by Movember.com


  1. John,

    Count me In! And, I will sweeten the pot!

    I will donate a copy of one of my books, either “Fix em Up Rent em Out,” or “Carve Out Your Niche.” The winner can choose either book (in ebook format).

    The gauntlet has been cast down. Let the games begin.

    And may the best man win.

  2. Count me in!

  3. Dude this is a sweet site…cant believe i have never stumbled across it…darn im almost tooo late for the competition….

    though i can grow a pretty mean beard in 2 weeks….my wife probably will leave me though 🙂

    • Christopher, glad you found Fearless Men even if it took too long. This competition can be a short and styled mustache or beard too. We are keeping it open to all lengths and styles. Just no goatees. Hope to see you in it!

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