Men’s Hair Loss: Could A Hair Transplant Be The Only Option?

Hair loss is a common problem for a number of men all over the world and has seen many lose confidence as they age, but with a number of technological advancements being made, this can now be a thing of the past. Whether you are looking into a hair transplant procedure for your severe hair loss or you are looking for a custom shampoo to boost blood circulation to the scalp, there are a number of options available to you that we have listed below.

IV Drips

Though a hair transplant is highly beneficial for those with severe hair loss, there are a number of other options such as IV drips that can stimulate the hair growth by providing the scalp with vitamins and minerals in the process. By consulting a doctor before the treatment with all your problem areas, you can then have a solution made to specially target them and provide you with the nutrients your body needs to heal and grow naturally healthy hair with a brilliant shine.

Specialised Shampoo

If an IV strip is something that is slightly out of your price range, there is also the option for a specialised shampoo from either a chemist or a supermarket. With a number of formulas having a specialist formula of caffeine and other natural ingredients, this can stimulate the scalp to provide the perfect overall look for strong, natural-looking hair over time. In addition to this, there are also a number of companies online that allow you to make your own shampoo allowing you to get the best clean possible without causing any kind of irritation in the long term.

Scalp Massages

If you are looking to improve the circulation to the scalp, then a massage is the perfect way to do so. This not only helps to prevent build-up of dead skin as well as carry oxygen to the scalp which will help to grow long healthy hair that can withstand weather conditions. In addition to this, a scalp massage can also help to reduce the amount of product build-up in the scalp. With products such as a shampoo hairbrush, or a head massager, you can then begin to ensure that the product is rubbed into the scalp for the best possible results.


The final way that you can prevent hair loss is through the use of supplements as they will help to provide nutrients to the hair in order for it to grow. Though it will take time for the nutrients to absorb into the body, this with a balanced diet can help to provide a long-lasting solution to this form of temporary hair loss. Though this is not a replacement for a healthy diet, supplements are available for people of all ages to maintain a healthy head of hair as well as a healthy overall lifestyle.

Whether you are looking to completely rejuvenate the scalp or just to restore the signs of hair loss around the hairline, a hair transplant is a benefit to you and allow for all-natural results within just few months.

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