How to look Fresh for Fall with these 18 Wardrobe Must Haves

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For most Men I know that fashion isn’t at the top of the list.  You have more important things to think of like who’s playing on Monday Night.  Ok maybe I’m being a little stereotypical.  But having three brothers myself what they wore wasn’t something they sat around and thought about.  They threw on a shirt and a pair of jeans and they they were good to go.

As we move into Fall let me give you a quick guide on 18 Classic Pieces you should have in your closet if you want to step up your game and revamp your wardrobe.  I know every Guy deep down wants to look cool and feel comfortable in what he is wearing without trying too hard.

Some of the items that I will talk about you might already own which is good and some others you might have to go out and purchase.

These are what I like to call investment pieces, these are the classics.

Mens Fall Wardrobe Musthaves 2013

1. Navy Sportcoat/ Blazer- This is a must have in every man’s wardrobe.  It’s the perfect piece to dress up any outfit.  Whether you are going out on a special date or have a really important job interview.  I say Navy because it’s a pretty neutral color that can go with everything.  It’s classic without trying too hard. With this piece I would say pay close attention to fit.  Make sure it’s tailored.

2.  Brown Belt- keep it simple and narrow.  You can dress up or down.  I say brown because I feel it’s more versatile and can go everything,  Avoid large buckles.  Style tip your belt should match closely to your shoe color.

3. White Dress shirt- This is a no brainer. If you want to look stylish start with a crisp white shirt.  You can add a tie, put under a cardigan or wear alone with a blazer.  So many options.  Roll the sleeves up and wear with a pair of jeans for a more relaxed put together look.

4. Khaki Pant- No I’m not talking about the 90’s khaki pant.  Aim for a more tailored fit.  I would suggest a little cuff and some boots.

5. V-Neck Cardigan or Shawl Cardigan- There’s a difference between being comfortable and straight up looking sluggish.  A cardigan sweater is perfect because you get comfort without compromising style.  Plus they can go with everything jeans, khaki’s and yes even slacks.

6. Grey Slacks- Versatility in color you can wear with so many different options whether it be a dress shirt and tie.  Or a v-neck sweater and a scarf.  If you were to own only one pair of slacks I would say go gray.

7. Scarf- I know some of you might be on the fence about wearing a scarf, but they add that certain je ne sais quoi European flair to any outfit.  It’s the perfect accessory for that cold weather.

Fabric is important choose high-quality cotton or wool.  Want to be extra fancy invest in cashmere wool, but if you find it’s missing check your girlfriend’s closet.

8. Utility Jacket- The Military trend is everywhere.  This is the perfect jacket when you want to wear a T-shirt, but need a little warmth.  You can also wear with button down or even a polo shirt.

9. A Nice Tie- I would suggest a classic color scheme and not too skinny.  Don’t be afraid of patterns whether that be stripes or dots.  Perfect for a job interview or prep up any casual outfit.

10. Trench coat very timeless piece- Not just for those rainy days, but can polish any dressed down outfit and give a more sophisticated look.  It’s the perfect coat for those cooler days when you just want a little bit of warmth.

11. Dark Denim Jeans- You can dress up or dress down.  The darker color gives you a more refined look.  I would suggest a straight leg cut. I know skinny jeans are the new trend, but let’s be honest not every Guy wants to feel claustrophobic in their jeans.  The straight-leg are tailored enough to give you a put together look and a great alternative to the skinny jean.

12. Black Dress shoes- Always great to have.  Perfect to wear with a suit or dress up any casual outfit.  The cap toe is a stylish classic. Quick side note- Most Ladies look from head to toe.  The shoe can make or break the outfit.  Guys keep them clean and polished.

13. Long Sleeve Layering Tee- These are a must perfect for layering under a t-shirt, a light jacket or even wear under a blazer.

14. Dark Brown dress shoes or boots- This is your go to shoe that can go with everything from dressy to casual.  Depending on the type of boot you decide on it can give your outfit more of a rugged look, such as adding cowboy boots to a pair of nice jeans.

15. Polo Shirt- A staple for sure.  I would suggest the basics like grey, black or navy.  They key to a polo is also fit  the sleeves should hit around mid-bicep.  Wear under a blazer or jacket.  Perfect for the more casual work environment.  Please don’t confuse a polo shirt with a golf shirt.  Very similar, but a polo is a bit more tailored and more sophisticated.  They are slightly different.

16.Watch- Investing in a great watch it the perfect accessory to add to any outfit.  Look at it as an investment piece that will be in your wardrobe for many years.  This season it’s all about the Chronograph Watch.  There are some great ones out there without breaking the bank.

17.  The Peacoat- An iconic jacket that has Fall written all over it.  This this jacket will give you a structured, sophisticated better body look in a matter of seconds.  A timeless piece that will never go out of style.  I would stick with classic and go with black.

One item not pictured above,  but definitely Fall must haves in my book is number

18. A Suit-  Every Man should own a suit.  It’s all about the fit.  I hope to provide a guide on the different fits and types of of suits you should buy.  I would definitely suggest navy over black.  Black is too formal.  Something you would wear to a funeral or high school graduation.  Navy is timeless and can go with so many options for tie-and-shirt color combo.

So I know that the list was long.  I am not saying that you must go out and buy all these pieces now.  These are great investment pieces that you will only buy once and will be in your closet for many seasons to come.  There are many stores out there like H&M, Express and Old Navy where you can pick some of these up if you are on a budget.  I hope this list helped.  If you would like more suggestions on how to wear some of these pieces please feel free to comment below.  I would love to hear your feedback.   Thanks for taking the time to read this piece.  I hope to share more.

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