In Defense of Bacon: What’s Really Making You Fat [Infographic]

what's really making you fatAre you a manly eater who craves bacon and eggs over a bagel and cream cheese? Be ashamed no more. In defense of bacon and all of it’s glory, your soul will be freed to eat like a man.

A Tale of Two Meals

Coming to you via Massive Health’s Blog-which has some other seriously cool and enlightening information on eating myths–is this infographic: What’s Really Making You Fat.

What’s REALLY Making You Fat

Not that I’m endorsing you eat endless amounts of bacon–which I am because I do not doubt it will make you live a happier, fuller and obviously therefore longer life. Wait…what did I just say? Yes, eat more bacon. And eggs.

Okay. What’s making you fat? Is it the fat in foods? Is it carbs? How is our body responding to fried nastiness and cholesterol? These are important questions to ask and get answers to before you throw away your egg whites and buy a pound of cured meat from the back of a pig. I don’t want our readers to die young with clogged arteries, no matter how delicious bacon is.

Before I write anymore wasteful words, I’ll just let you get to the infographic and find out a little more about the science of what makes you fat. Which comes down to this: how insulin, digestion, and metabolism are all intertwined. Read on. You’ll be amazed and encouraged.

What's Really Making You Fat


A little note to the bacon obsessed, eating oil and fat may not be the most keen plan to lose weight. What this infographic is pointing to is carbs that are eaten at the wrong time, in the wrong amount at the wrong level on the Glycemic Index are a No-No if you want to reduce your belly size. Eating Mono- and Poly-Unsaturated fats are the right kind of fats. When people say something like, “Oh, that’s got healthy fat in it so it’s okay,” do your own research and find out if that’s an accurate statement.

I wrote on this carbohydrate and Glycemic Index subject before in Not All Carbs Are Created Equal. Click here and check it out.

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  1. I save bacon as a treat for the weekend, but I love me some eggs (scrambled with some veggies) over quinoa or Ezekiel bread, with avo slices on top. Another thing to point out with bagels are the portion sizes – you go to the fancy type stores or even grocery stores, and they’re usually 2-3 times bigger than a “normal” portion.

    • No WAY. I was really into cooking 1 whole egg with 5 egg whites and mixing in my previously cooked quinoa directly into the eggs, with spinach, onion, and red and green peppers.

      It was incredible. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to prepare this in the mornings anymore 🙁

      And I still do eat the raisin EZ bread.

  2. Bacon might just be one of the best breakfast foods ever. I might have switched to turkey bacon for most things, but its good old pork bacon for my BLT sandwiches.

  3. I definitely reserve bacon for the weekend or use just a strip or two while cooking. In fact I try to stay away from bagels too and mostly stick to fruit and yogurt or a smoothie. They sure are yummy though!

    • Whenever I do eat a bagel, I only eat half of it. Eating an entire one is a whole lot of carbs!! Ohhh but cream cheese is so good.

  4. The best data I’ve ever seen on this came from a study showing empirical data of weight gain and loss from eating certain foods. The thinking was that certain foods may have more calories and more fat, but satiate you more so you eat less other stuff.

    In the end, I believe yogurt and nuts were the best at making you lose weight while fried potatoes, soda, and meat, made you gain it.

  5. I love me some bacon! I actually read an article a few weeks ago about a lady that had eaten bacon everyday and she was close to 100. That was inspiring for us bacon lovers.

  6. We absolutely love bacon and have recently started the Paleo diet. We love it!

  7. I’d rather get strenuous exercise every day and pay a little less attention to what I eat than watch like a hawk! Plus, I couldn’t live without bacon.

  8. Its about time somebody spoke up on behalf of bacon! It should be its own food group.

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