How to Save Money this Summer

While saving money should be a yearlong sacrifice, now is as good of time as ever, as your social calendar continues to see the weekends fill up throughout September. With a few tips you can put your hard-earned income to good use in order to build up an emergency fund for unexpected expenses, long overdue increases to retirement contributions, not to mention finally paying down the credit card balance. Start out the summer with a little extra money in your pocket and continue down the path of improved personal finance.

Lose the Gym Membership

There’s nothing like paying monthly dues for something you no longer use. Like many that sign up after the new year looking to shed quick, and likely unrealistic, pounds, flock to the gym. While the visits likely are in full force in the beginning, as the weeks and months go by, they become more infrequent and pretty soon you’re paying $25 or even $50 a month for something you no longer use. Now that the weather is heating up, save the monthly dues and take the dog for a walk, go for a run, or even do some much-needed yardwork and, along with a balanced diet, you could be proud before beach season is over.

Get Rid of Cable

Now that you’re hopefully spending a little more time outdoors after a long day trapped in a cubicle at work, TV should be the least of your worries. If you think about how many channels you currently pay for that you’re not watching as it is, there doesn’t seem to be a need to spend a couple hundred dollars a month on cable, especially considering you probably DVR everything anyways. Since most pay for streaming services on top of cable, do your self a favor and save the money and opt for streaming for a fraction of the price.

Fire Up the Grill

Sure, it’s nice to have someone else cook, serve, and even clean up after you eat, it certainly does come at a premium price compared to preparing your meals at home. If you can limit going out for lunch, dinner, and even the daily coffee habit and doing your shopping at the grocery store instead, you’ll find your money will go a lot further and avoiding going out to eat will save you hundreds of dollars per month. There’s nothing that says summer like the BBQ and a cold beer.

Maximize Energy Efficiency

Even if you’ve held out turning on the A/C so far, those days are limited and it’s inevitable. By taking a look around your property and properly sealing up doors, window, and outlets that share an exterior wall you can knock utility costs down and notice your air conditioner turning on less in the summer, not to mention your furnace in the winter. Caulk can go a long way, so take the time to try and keep any drafts out (they are probably easier to find on the inside during the winter when you can feel the cold air coming in), but now is as good of time as ever as we’re trying to save money.


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