How Can I Prepare Myself for a Hurricane When I Have Kids?

A Miami public adjuster will understand the effects that a hurricane has and can have on your life and your property. They deal with these losses daily and know the consequences that can come from a natural disaster like a hurricane. For that reason, we provide a variety of preparations that you should take during an upcoming hurricane, especially if you have kids. We do not want you to experience any damages to your home, and especially not any injuries or deaths in your family. These are the preparations that our public adjusters advise to all our clients. Continue reading for more information

Preparations That You Should Take

  1. Have a communication plan: This is essential. Starting at around 5 years of age, a child can memorize a 7 to 10-digit number. Teach them a good contact number to remember. Have destined location where your family can meet in case of an emergency and also have a contact that lives out-of-state.
  2. Create an Emergency kit: Your emergency kit should have the following items: food; mostly canned with high-protein like tuna, granola bars, and soup. Also, if you have an infant, packing powdered formula is also important. Water; at 3 gallons per animal and person in the house. Medication, diapers and wipes, flashlights, garbage bags, cash, hand sanitizer, and more.
  3. Study your neighborhoods: Learn of all the threats that might be present in your neighborhood like unstable trees, or areas that are prone to flooding. After learning of all these threats, your neighborhood could come together in the event that an emergency were to present itself and see how you can all work as a team.

At Churchill Public adjusters in Miami, we hope that some of this information becomes an advantage for Florida parents. A hurricane is a powerful storm that could devastate your life. Be prepared and use some of this helpful information to have your kids prepared for the unknown damages that could come from a hurricane. If your property gets damaged, please contact our skilled team of public adjusters in Miami. We want to see you happy and stress-free from the troubles that filing a claim will bring.

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