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The Man's Guide To Hosting A Winning Super Bowl Party

The Man’s Guide To Hosting A Winning Super Bowl Party

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Hosting a Super Bowl PartyIf you’re the one hosting the Super Bowl Party you don’t want to get stuck with a trashed house or a rep as a lame Super Bowl party thrower. Here are eight essentials to make sure you can enjoy and host the Super Bowl party without a hitch.

Get the Super Bowl Party Time Right

Make sure people know what time to show up. If you’re a devoted NFL follower that seems stupid to you, right? Well how many people are coming to your house that don’t watch any other football the rest of the year? You don’t want them coming too early or, if you’re actually invested in the game, show up too late and have to interrupt!

If you grill…prepare in advance

If you’re the one preparing the main course, or it’s a bring-your-own-meat occasion, make sure you’ve got all the bases covered before you host the Super Bowl party. Got propane/charcoal? Matches? Sauce? Veggies? Seasoning? MEAT? Make sure you’re good to go and have enough plates and utensils to cover anyone eating.

I suggest shopping days in advance to avoid the grocery store Super Bowl party madness, while still being able to snag great deals. This also allows you the extra day or two you’ll need to marinate some great meat.

Tell people what to bring

If you’re not preparing the main course or not preparing anything at all, LET PEOPLE KNOW. Tell them to eat first before coming. It’s important anytime you’re hosting guests. Because if you’re chowing down on something when they show up, they’re bound to ask for a bite-and you’d be a rude host to turn them down.

It’s pretty lame to show up to a fight night or a Super Bowl party and there’s no drinks, snacks, etc. Let people know specifically what to bring: chips, drinks, ice, cups, meat, dessert, etc.

Have enough seats

Ever been in an over-crowded, hot living room trying to enjoy a Super Bowl party? It sucks. You’re sitting against a wall, or sitting on a stool for three hours. It’s uncomfortable. Don’t do this to your guests. Make sure you’ve got more than enough seats for the number of people invited-just in case someone brings an unexpected guest.

The Right-Sized Crowd

Invite the guests you want to be there, but not so many you can’t even hear it.

A Second Viewing Room?

I personally like watching football, including the Super Bowl. So when I get around a ton of people that don’t care about the result, I want to find a TV somewhere else to watch it. You might consider having a second TV or room for the more hardcore fans that are invested in the outcome to watch.

More than once I’ve been to a Super Bowl “party” with just 3-4 other guys.

This is how I feel when the Super Bowl is played between teams I actually care about. I want to enjoy the game with someone who is there for the sporting event, not the social event. If you invite too many-or the wrong-guests, you won’t enjoy the ass-kickings nearly as much.

This isn’t a ladies party…

…but you should be considerate anyway. When throwing a Super Bowl party you’ve still got to take a stab at making the ladies feel comfortable. Make sure there’s fresh air and the smelly dudes sit in the back. Don’t let guys get drunk and hit on your friends. Give the girls the most comfortable seats (although I’m not suggesting you give them the “best” viewing seat, unless they actually care about the game).

For anyone present that has no experience with football, you might even consider giving everyone a two-minute primer on football to start your Super Bowl party.

Stock Up on Super Bowl Beers

Seriously, did you know each NFL team has a beer? No joke. For this Sunday’s Super Bowl party stock up on The Raven and 49ers Red. They’re real beers.


Don’t get stuck with the full clean up. Ask your buddies to help pick up some trash and put things away before they walk out the door and leave you hanging.

Hosting Guests – Ultimately, just enjoy the game

Make sure not to make a big deal out of having some friends over for a Super Bowl party. Keep it loose and fun.


  1. Good thoughts Todd! I think having the right amount of people is key, you do not want too many people as it just becomes too much of a hassle. I am still sad that football will be over in 72 hours for the next 7 months. 🙁

  2. I’ve never actually hosted or attended a Super Bowl party. I prefer to just prepare some appetizers for myself and watch the game with maybe a family member or two.

  3. Well done! This year I will have the second viewing room for the first time. Streamed on a computer in the kitchen, but people will definitely hang. Have a great weekend!

  4. Great list…too bad I read it after the super bowl! That was a great game last night; I was a little worried after Baltimore took the 28-6 lead, but I’m glad the 49ers came back and made a game of it!

    • Ahh bummer! That reminds me I should take this off our slider…a little irrelevant at the moment.

      So sad you are celebrating the Ravens rather than mourning the Niners…you must agree that there were some pivotal missed calls at the end that MIGHT have changed the game.

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