Fear Less | Reduce Your Fears, One Little Piece at a Time

What are you afraid of? Make a mental list. What’s getting in the way of you getting more life? Fears? Apprehension? Hesitation? Anxiety? How about this–fear LESS.

Fear less. Fear fewer things. The fears that you do have, is it possible to reduce them? To lessen them?

Fabricated Fears

Here’s a really old middle-eastern proverb:

The lazy person claims, “There’s a lion on the road! Yes, I’m sure there’s a lion roaming the streets!”

It’s from the sluggard’s mouth-whose imagination prompts even the most absurd of fears. It’s kind of like waking up and saying, “Man, I shouldn’t go outside today. It’s so sunny, I might get cancer.” Or even, “I can’t face today, what if I someone finds out at work that I’m not good at what I do?”

Real Fears

Our fears are real. As in we really experience or “feel” them. But our fears are rarely external reality. They are the absolute worst-case scenarios that our minds can concoct. What I consider to be one of my greatest obstacles to become a better man (read: a more consistent man) is invalidating fears that I’ve given validity to.

I know you’ve got fears. And I think it’s a valid experience to be afraid of something. We’ve all been there. You might expect me to advise you to close your eyes and make your fears disappear because they’re false. Oh if it were only that easy.

I don’t think the irradication of fears is easy. To fully rid yourself of fear, to become truly fearless, is impossible. Or the result of extreme ignorance.

A Starting Point to Fear Less

What I suggest is this—a starting point. Do you feel that your fears are too big to get over? Too big to face? Then start by fearing less. Either fear less things, or whatever subject you do fear, fear less of it.

Here’s some fears I’ve felt before, and that I want to fear less:

What could happen if I don’t make it? Fear of failure

What if I don’t matter? Fear of being insignificant

What if I end up alone? Fear of loneliness

I think it’s impossible to fully avoid thinking of these fears ever again. But we can make a choice–to lessen their hold on us. Start here: Identify the fear, and evaluate if it’s real. Once you’ve exposed yourself to the truth of whether or not that fear is real, then it’ll be a lot easier to fear less.

We’ve really dove into this subject on evaluating and overcoming fears in the past couple months. Check out the articles below to learn more as you continue on your journey to “fear less.”

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  1. My biggest fear is speaking in front of a crowd. I always imagine everyone’s eyes staring at me intently listening to every word. In reality this is rarely how it actually is. One suggestion I once heard was to look at their foreheads or imagine them all naked. But this still didn’t remove the fear that I had validated in my own head. Which then controlled my feelings. In school and at work I’ll take the opportunities to speak though because I know I need the practice. It’s still tough but eventually I’ll Fear.Less

    • Todd Mayfield says

      It’s interesting you mention the fear of public speaking. When I was in junior high, that fear PARALYZED me. If I had a presentation to make, I literally could barely function during that entire week.

      For me signing up for drama class my sophomore year really did make me a better public speaker. I think it was a turning point for me. A comfortable place to act silly and get in front of people. Exposure to your fear will give you the opportunity to grow past that emotional response. One little piece at a time… Fear LESS!

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