Fashion-Forward Looks You Can Wear This Autumn

Autumn might not be with us just yet – but, thanks to the Autumn/Winter menswear that we have seen on the catwalk this year, we already know what’s going to be fashionable during that season. Read about what we are expecting to be “in” this fall and then adjust your clothes shopping habits accordingly. Along the way, you should resist overlooking the need for your clothes to be practical.

Camouflage yourself… as someone super-stylish

Usually, summer is considered the time of year to get out and about rather than relax in front of your living room fire with a good book. It’s ironic, then, that Men’s London Fashion Week Spring 2016/17 witnessed the display of a trend that, according to Flux, will remain relevant during autumn and winter. That trend is… camo print.

Camo print could be seen on loads of different clothing items during that week. Baseball hats, lightweight jackets, and a casual t-shirt were not left untouched by this style. However, going by Flux‘s advice, your 2017 clothing should not merely be stylish, but also purposeful.

This can seem like an obvious requirement for autumn clothing, but you might still benefit from us noting a few examples of how such clothing can meet this end. Such examples include that your jacket has a fleece lining to keep you warm; another is that your shorts have large cargo pockets and back pockets, the latter to which flaps are attached. Such pockets are on Dickies shorts that carry a New York name and, conveniently, also have the camo print look.

It’s still good weather for leather

Leather is something else that you might only think of wearing when the weather is sunny. It’s obviously a material that you might don in jacket form for a motorcycle ride; however, you could find some good alternative uses for it this autumn.

Independent reported some peculiar instances of leather’s use at London Fashion Week Men’s Autumn/Winter 2017. These instances included swathing in transparent Perspex buttons and the kind of lengthy, cinched-in robes that you might not have expected to see outside a Matrix film.

Inflated, not tight

There’s a place for slim fit clothing, but apparently not at London Fashion Week. The Men’s Autumn/Winter 2017 offerings often focused on attire that would float off the skin more than cling to it. Examples included baggy trousers, including floor-sweeping varieties and cropped cargo pants.

This exuberant style was brought to jackets, too. Several designers showed off puffa jackets, which don’t look likely to go out of fashion soon. Those designers even paired these jackets with quilted bottoms of matching style. Yet, if you avidly read the financial news, you’d think that excessive inflation was a bad thing. Fashion enthusiasts seem to have shown otherwise…

Of course, fashion is a constantly changing beast, and so you need to regularly work hard to keep ahead of it. Reading this article can help you to do that in preparation for this autumn, at least… but what about after that? Here we go again…


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