Drinking Games to Consider

Drinking games are so much fun, by now you have no doubt heard of “Beer Pong” to “Flip Cup”, “Waterfall”, “Circle of Death”, and “Beersbee”.  Drinking games have become a huge part of the American college, tailgate, and party culture.  To get the party going a game of “Flip Cup” or “Beer Pong” is something very common.  We enjoy setting up the red drinking cups, and playing against our friends. This game breaks the ice at a large party when your meeting new people and it also gets everyone engaged, talking, and having a good time!  After a few beers it is always more fun to start playing other games!
Playing card games with a few friends maybe four to eight friends is really fun for a smaller party.  You can play the classic game “Circle of Death” where the game is based on the suit of the cards.  It is fun to turn a normal game like “Spoons” into a drinking game; last person to pull a spoon has to drink.  One of my personal favorite card games is “Kings”.  Players sit in a circle, draw cards, and when you draw a king you pick a liquor, the second person to draw a king picks the mixer, the next person to draw the third king picks the cup size this drink will be made in, the last person to drop the fourth king had to drink the cocktail that the group made!  It is fun easy and a great laugh.  “Quarter Bounce” is always entertaining, and a drinking game listening to music or TV show where you drink every time they say a specific word is a laid-back way to get the party going.  Let’s not forget “Waterfall” one of the most common drinking games and the pillar of a great party!  Playing cards go into the middle of the table everybody picks a card and when someone picks the king they start the waterfall of the drinking circle.

“Beersbee” the is a great new game where you put a bottle of beer on top of a PVC pipe and throw a Frisbee to hit the pipe and knock the beer off.  The object is for the team to catch the beer as it’s falling before it hits the ground, if the team catches their beer the person who threw the Frisbee has to drink and vice versa.  You can make most of these games at home and they’re all very cheap to play, obviously buying the alcohol is the expensive part.

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