Dollar Shave Club Review – For the Man Who Thinks Razors Cost More Than They Should

How much do you spend on 3-blade razors each month? Since Mach3 mailed me a razor in high school for free, I haven’t stopped using them. But even as a 30 year old I still cringe dropping $20 just for a few blades that wear out quite quickly.

Maybe you should join me in a possible revolt I’m considering. A few months ago I heard of Dollar Shave Club for the first time. Although I have yet to join the club, here’s my review on their offerings.

Dollar Shave Club – Shave Time. Shave Money.

Save Money.

You literally can get 5  of their “twin” blades a month FOR A DOLLAR. The name “Dollar Shave Club” is no joke. Want to upgrade to their version of the quadruple blade? It’s only $6 a month (for 4 blades). I don’t even shave enough to go through that many razors!

I try to shave as little as possible, maybe once a week. At that rate, I could use their “Executive” blade (4 blades a month) and shave with a new razor each time for just $9. Still cheaper than Mach3!

Save Time.

Using Dollar Shave club means you don’t have to waste anymore time picking them up at Target, or realizing you ran out of blades but the store is closed. Their delivered monthly, so running out shouldn’t be a problem.

The best part? The 2nd and 3rd tier blades include shipping and handling in the monthly fee.


Wow. I’m a little disappointed. I actually have nothing left to write for this Dollar Shave Club review. It really is that simple.

Let me fill up more of the internet with a breakdown of the selection:

Dollar Shave Club review

The Humble Twin

The Humble Twin

Price: $1 + $2 S&H monthly

A basic shaver that gets the job done.

Insanely inexpensive.

5 cartridges a month.




Their description: “Reliable; this is the ’82 wagon that starts when the temp’s below zero.”

Dollar Shave Club Review

The Lover’s Blade

The Lover’s Blade

Price: $6 monthly. S&H included.

The go-to type razor for most men in North America.

Get 4 cartridges per month.

Their description: “You love this razor, and your girlfriend can use it too.”



Dollar Shave Club Review

The Executive

The Executive

Price: $9 monthly. S&H included.

It’s the final frontier, like a personal assistant for your face.

Receive 4 cartridges per month.

Their description: “This blade comes from the future and lives in outer space.”

Make sure to check out Dollar Shave Club whether you’re interested or just want to watch their hilarious videos. Disclosure: the link is an affiliate one. If you click on it and buy something we get like $4. So, don’t feel obligated to buy unless you think they’re awesome.

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  1. Todd,

    Thanks for sharing this great information Very humorous video.

    In my case, I received a 5-blade Fusion free several years ago and have continued to use it. I guess the company sent it out as a marketing ploy to get “real men” hooked on their razor.

    Now the replacement blades seem way overpriced, but I like them so I grit my teeth and continue to purchase. I think its $30 for a package of four.

    However, I think I’m still saving money over the Dollar Shave Club “Executive” razor, because my Fusion blades usually last for about one year. Yes, they are eventually rusty and have little chips out of the blades, but they still shave my beard.

    On a related topic, have you heard about the technique for vastly extending the life of your razor by stroking it on old blue jeans, like its a leather strap?

  2. Steve Boyer says

    Dude really? You’re writting a review on something you haven’t tried?
    Buy the razor and try them out then write the review.
    Otherwise don’t waste our time!

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