How To Remember People’s Names

If you want to be a leader, a nice guy, or just make new acquaintances feel valued, without a doubt you need to know how to remember people’s names. If you desire to be liked, feared, and a good salesman, Michael Scott would teach you how to memorize people’s names by using a mnemonic device. How To […]

The Most Essential Best Man Duties

We’re still in the middle of prime wedding rush season. You’ve certainly gotten several wedding invitations in the mail. Maybe you’ve even been asked to be the best man. Make sure you know what Best Man Duties you’ll be expected to fulfill. Best Man Duties Before the Wedding Plan the bachelor party. As in, REALLY […]

Art of Communication | Active Listening

What is Active Listening? It’s not a term commonly used or heard, at least not in my circle. What I can tell you though is that communication is tough! Whether it’s listening or talking, or two people doing both at the same time. More often than not both leave confused. Or even worse, thinking they […]

Art of Communicating | Seems easy but we all know it isn’t

Communication is at a minimum two people talking. One sender and one receiver exchanging thoughts, ideas, or just friendly banter. That’s known as communicating. How tough can that really be? Apparently, it is tough cause miscommunication often times takes the blame for two people banging heads. Do we really need an interpreter or 3rd party […]