Boys Becoming Men: It Doesn’t Happen On Accident

WorkSaveLive is a blog dedicated to changing the way Americans think about money, their lives, and their careers. It’s written by a wise blog buddy of mine named Jason. He’s got a profound collection of advice stored on his blog that continues to grow.

About a month ago he asked me to write a guest post for him on the subject of Boys Becoming Men and taking greater responsibility for themselves, and stepping up for their families.

Here’s an excerpt:

How is it possible to not emerge from high school or university a man? If someone has left home and been in the workforce for a decade, they should have attained a deep sense of responsibility, correct? Why don’t 21st century males become men and take care of their own? Get (or stay) out of debt, raise their kids well, take care of their wife, and maybe even their parents and siblings if they need a helping hand? For me, it was challenging. It wasn’t automatic. Growing into manhood was a choice, a continued commitment day by day of who I am going to be and who I am becoming.

If you want to, check out the full Boys Becoming Men: It Doesn’t Happen On Accident article here!




  1. Big thanks again on writing the article! It was tremendous and it’s something I wish men took more seriously. I’m glad to be back around my blog though and I hope the post sent you a little traffic…although my traffic has been down a bit since I’ve been away so I’m guessing it wasn’t much. 🙂

  2. Todd,

    That was an outstanding article. I appreciate the time and thought that went into writing it.

    As a father, I was particularly touched by the importance you placed on performing the “role,” and the duties, that a father must assume.

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