How to Get Fit With A Boxing Workout

In Shape BoxerYou only need to look at a professional boxer’s physique and watch one boxing workout to see that it’s an incredibly good way to keep your fitness level at its best yet.

If you’ve never tried the sport before, don’t be put off by the stigma that it’s just for those that enjoy the ‘rough and tough’- as you would be quite mistaken. A boxing workout requires some serious strength and aerobic fitness, and you will find that it will take time for you to build up your stamina and endurance, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give it a go!

Here’s some guidance to help you get to grips with boxing:

What does boxing involve?

Boxing is a pretty social sport so you can expect to participate in a class of 15-20 others, however, you will usually be split into pairs for pad work and sparring. During a boxing workout you are likely to complete a thorough warm up, and you will then move on to learn the skills and techniques behind the following boxing moves:

–          Hooks or side punches

–          Jabs (straight on punches)

–          Upper cuts (punches directed in an upwards motion)

All will be completed when wearing protective padded gloves of course. It might sound technical but when you are not jabbing or punching, you will be ducking and weaving and constantly moving your feet.

It is for this reason why you get burn so many calories, lose weight and get super fit.

How will the sport benefit me?

When watching the pro’s you may think that boxing is easy, but it does require plenty of skill in order to achieve a full body workout. Without even thinking about it a simple punch is using your triceps and biceps, whilst the ducking and weaving movements will help to strengthen your core and improve your agility.

More and more pregnant women are using the sport to shift their pregnancy weight. If you are fed up with your mummy tummy and you want to lose your bump, you can get rid of the flab with a good ol’ fashion boxing workout.

What will I achieve from boxing a few times a week?

It’s no wonder that many celebrities turn to boxing for a fitness fix. If you attend a boxing workout a couple of times a week, whilst eating healthily, you are likely to lose weight and improve your balance and coordination, increase the toning of all muscles.

This gives the body a thorough cardio workout. After one session, you will probably wonder what you’ve been doing at the gym!

How much energy your burn is ultimately affected by how much you weigh and the amount of effort you put into the regime. If you are heavier, you tend to burn more calories. On average, if you weight around 155lbs you can burn 335 calories in a 30-minute sparring exercise.

Is there anything to be cautious of?

Like any sport, boxing does have its flaws but they can easily be overcome if you stick at it and are committed to your training programm. As the sport involves plenty of movement in the wrists because of the punching action, you may notice that your wrists and arm muscles are more prone to feeling achy and stiff. However, simple stretches and exercises at the gym will solve this in no time.

If you are prone to ankle or knee injury, we recommend you to wear adequate supports.

Improving your fitness is one of the greatest advantages of boxing, and you will soon notice a difference in your overall strength and weight as you begin to feel trimmer and toned. As it is such an intense workout you will also see a difference in other sports you may compete, in such as running or cycling, as you may be able to sustain your endurance for longer periods of time.

Also, a boxing workout can easily be modified for beginners and the more advanced, so take it easy at first until you become faster and more confident of your ability in the ring.

Good luck!

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  1. Great insight and information. Sounds like a great addition to a workout routine, at the very least.

    • I agree! I did martials for a year a little while ago. I want to get back in it, and I know it’s worth it. But it is a little intimidating having to work yourself back into shape for it!

      The gym I workout at I see the personal trainers incorporating some boxing into their clients workouts a little more often.

  2. Awesome! boxing sounds so fricken cool. I dont’ really have the time for a formal class, but I always keep my eye out for a cheap punching bag!

    • Funny you mention that! I got a free, almost brand new bag from someone last year, but the owner of the house I rent won’t let me hang it up! He’s worried about it tearing something down 🙁

  3. I did a brief stint training with the Army boxing team. At the time I was in the best shape of my life and developed a huge amount of respect for boxers to be able to go 12 rounds.

  4. Todd..I’ve tried many of the latest workouts, you name it. I’ve been training boxing for over two years now and haven’t looked back. This is the most rewaring and fulfilling workout I have done and I have been physically active for over 35 years.

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