Being a Modern Dad

The era in which the mother is the one taking care of the children while the father is working is over. These days, with same-sex couples and careerist women, a father has to be involved in his kid’s life and he generally wants to. The perfect dad has to be present for his children and do everything he can to help them grow by encouraging them, supporting them and loving them. Here are some basics a father could consider.


The first thing to do to be a good parent is to encourage your kid. It’s primary to always consider your kid’s interests and to make them feel like you’ll always be there to help them. It’s also really important to make them try many disciplines so they can experiment and possibly discover something they like. Trying many activities will help them develop interests in many fields and make friends.

Sports and music are the most obvious ones and they are for a reason. Team sports promote team spirit and leadership. They also make your kid feels like he belongs to a group which is really good for his development. If your kid doesn’t like one sport, he may like another one so it’s crucial to listen to him, encourage him to persevere and if he really doesn’t like it, you have to try something else.

It’s the same for music. It’s not because he doesn’t like an instrument or a music style that he hates playing music in general. Learning how to play an instrument improves memory, concentration, mood and music lessons for toddlers can help them be creative. Briefly, it’s crucial to make your kid feels that you support them in everything they do.


This one is basic. Playing is essential for kids. Playing with your kids is a good way to spend quality time with them. It’s also the best way to get to know them because you’ll have access to their creativity. Knowing the world they build when they play will help you know what they like, what they want and who they are. Besides, it will show how much you love them. Taking your kids to their activities and encouraging them is great, but it’s not enough to prove how much you care about them. By playing with them, you spend a moment with nothing else to think about than your kid which makes him feel how important he is to you.

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