Beginners Guide to Joining the Gym

gymSo you’ve finally taken the big step and are joining the gym. With running shoes and sweat band at the ready, you’ve put fast food and film nights on the backburner; it’s gym time. Forget about those extra pounds you’ve gained over winter, all that you need to concentrate on now are sport supplements for all levels and achieving that summer body. But don’t hit the cross trainer just yet… The gym world is an experience you can’t enter into blindly, so prepare beforehand! Here are our top tips for beginners joining the gym.

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Joining the gym, especially for the first time, is a big commitment and sometimes very costly. So to guarantee that you’ll be getting your money’s worth, make sure that you have enough time to attend each week. The best way to do this is through the use of free trials, as this way you’ll be able to shop around and properly gauge which gym is the best for you!


So you’ve chosen the perfect gym, ideal location and fantastic equipment, but now you’re left with the tricky job of trying to find the best clothes to wear for your workouts. This can be a worry for first-time gym goers; where do you begin? Well, our advice is to keep it practical. It’s not a fashion show, and at the end of the day, nobody really cares. Pick clothes which are comfortable and won’t interfere with your exercising; baggy t-shirts coupled with sports leggings or shorts are always a winner!


That’s right, the worst thing you can do is rush into an exercise routine like a bull in china shop. Take a second to think what your long term goals are and how you’d like to achieve them. Are you training for a marathon, trying to lose weight, or just looking to get fit? Well, no matter what the situation, don’t try to accomplish all your aims in one week; you’ll simply lose motivation and never feel like going. Take the advice of a personal trainer and ease yourself into it. Approaching gym-life one step at a time will certainly get you on the path to success!


Before you start, it’s also important to think about your diet. Sometimes what you eat can work against your efforts at the gym, so don’t use the fact that your exercising more as an excuse to eat lots of unhealthy food! However, alternatively, never go to the gym on an empty stomach. You need plenty of energy for a successful workout, this could come in the form of a protein shake, or protein bars. Don’t forget another shake after your workout; and plenty of fluids during!

Don’t let the adrenaline rush of joining the gym keep you from doing it right. Follow these steps and you’ll do just fine.

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  1. I never paid much attention to my diet when I was working out, aside from making sure I was getting plenty of water, plus bringing some emergency hard candy for my blood sugar.

    • As I get older I’ve started to pay a lot more attention to my diet. My energy level and recovery speed disappeared somewhere. ha!

  2. When I visit the gym for the first time to inquire about their membership fee, I also took the time to take a look at their equipment and facilities. Checked if they are well-maintained and yes, I took a glimpse at what other people are wearing as well just to give me an idea.

    • Good point! One other point when looking at what others are wearing is to see if they’re wearing gym clothes. I prefer gyms that don’t allow work clothes or casual attire.

  3. Having someone to go with on a regular basis, I find, is a huge help. You’ll motivate each other well (especially you, if they’re more fit).

  4. Great post! I was in the best shape of my life a few months ago….then winter hit. I’m going back, so the timing of this was very cool. Hope you all are well!

    • Same here, except for me it wasn’t winter but a shoulder injury. I couldn’t run, go to the gym or play sports. I’m 1 month into PT now though so by summer I should be g2g.

  5. Great tips John, I’ve always wanted to join a gym but the cost has always been the biggest concern for me, on top of that with 3 kids I barely find enough time for myself in a week to make that big of a commitment. Maybe someday when my kids are older I may take up the opportunity but for now I’ll just stick to home workouts, jogging, and walks with the family.

    • I hear you Chris! You have a busy schedule. I just recently got a puppy and finding it challenging to live my regular schedule. So with 3 kids it’s def a bigger challenge.

  6. Don’t forget to set a schedule! Plan on when you will go and stick to it! If you do this and get to the gym 3 or 4 times you’ll have a much better chance of sticking to it!

  7. Nice post. I’m trying to decide whether to join a gym or whether to just keep going it on my own and jogging down the street. =D

    • I have a gym membership but do my running outside. This works best for me cause then I have access to weights and some of my friends are at the same gym so we can play sports there or just workout.

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