9 Great Podcasts for Men

great podcasts for menJoe Saul-Sehy is a dad, husband, writer and podcaster of the Stacking Benjamins show, which debuts this week. His previous podcast, 2 Guys and Your Money featured guests ranging from Jean Chatzky, the Today Show money editor, to Adam Baker (Man vs. Debt) and Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income. If you’re interested in guest writing, check out our Guest Posting page.

Podcasts not only help me be a better dad, husband and entrepreneur, but they help me organize my life, decide which purchases to make, and inspire me to perform better at my job.

But none of that is why I listen to podcasts.

I listen to great podcasts for men because they’re fun. Sure, I’ll tell you that I’m in it to learn more, but for the most part, if I’m really being truthful, this guy likes podcasts because I want to be entertained. I work hard all week and the last thing I want is someone shouting at me about how to live my life better while I’m driving, working out, or making dinner for the family.

The New Age of Podcasts

If you haven’t listened to podcasts recently, you’re in for a treat. Gone are the days of grabbing your mp3 player and downloading shows through iTunes or some other directory (although you can still do it that way). Now, podcasts are a finger flip away if you have a smartphone. Not only has iTunes created a new podcast player that will automatically play your favorite shows, but other services like Stitcher exist which can point you toward new great podcasts for men you might not have ever imagined.

So What Should I Listen To?

While every person’s taste is different, here’s a list of some great podcasts for men you might not have heard of that (at the very least) are sure to point you in the right direction.

Important Note: I’d consider these podcasts “R” rated until you listen to them once. Some of these podcasters swear infrequently, while others, like The Nerdist, can feel like a blue-language festival at times.

Sports: Sklarbro Country. I mentioned I like humor? These twin brothers mesh comedy and sports unlike any other podcast. If you’re looking for the dry sports show, check out any of the ESPN offerings, but for my ears, this is the one I prefer.

Comedy: The Nerdist. This isn’t so much a comedy podcast as it is an interview podcast that features a comedian and often has a comedic take on the world. I’ve listened to awesome interviews with Tom Hanks, Marc Maron, pro wrestlers, Joan Rivers and Fitz (from Fitz and the Tantrums).

Movies: Filmspotting. This Chicago-based podcast digs into one movie a week and analyzes the hell out of it, but doesn’t stop there. The hosts have a top 5 list each week (top 5 places in movies you’d like to visit, etc.) and other features. You’re sure to widen your film knowledge with this podcast.

Video Games: Gamers With Jobs. This group of geeks put on an awesome show every week talking about both current hits and obscure titles. As a bonus, you’ll often find top gaming personalities as guests on the show.

Exercise: Ben Greenfield podcast. Nobody beats Ben Greenfield when it comes to the cross-section of entertainment and fitness. He’s a fitness coach, triathlete and fat loss expert, but more than that, he’s a pretty entertaining guy. He’s one of the few people I enjoy listening to who are talking about working out while I work out!

Work Life: Back to Work. If it’s entertaining productivity podcasts you’re after, look first toward this award-winning show. It has episodes like, “Offices, and When to Get Out of Them.” I love it when talking about work doesn’t feel like work.

Organization: Taking Control. Here’s when I like my podcast short and to the point. Organization is something I have to focus on, but I want in small doses. The hosts of this show make it fun and interesting, while keeping staying in control on my brain.

The Outdoors: The Dirtbag Diaries. The host, Fitz Cahann, shares stories about everything from big game hunting and hiking to surfboarding. If you’re addicted to outside living, this is your show.

Finance: As a podcaster in this area, I’d better have a couple good ones! First, I love Planet Money. While Stacking Benjamins (our podcast) is a magazine-style show, this one peels off a single topic and explores it in a way that only NPR can. They had a great episode a few weeks ago about beer wars. Ummm….beer.

If I’m seeking harder-hitting financial podcasts, Steve Stewart’s Moneyplan SOS is a good place to start. He has a strong anti-debt point of view and follows the Dave Ramsey principles of planning. Good not-obvious tips from an interesting host.

There you have it! I hope you also check out our podcast, Stacking Benjamins. Our goal is to find the humor in current financial topics, statistics and trends. Of course, we do this all live from my parent’s basement…..with guests ranging from Jean Chatzky (Today Show money editor), Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income) and Laura Vanderkam (USA Today writer and author of the popular “What Successful People Do Before….” Series).

You can subscribe to the Stacking Benjamins podcast in iTunes, on the Stitcher app, or tune in from our website that’ll debut June 4th, Stacking Benjamins.com.


  1. I want to check this one out – Sports: Sklarbro Country. I love sports but don’t pay attention to ESPN much. I just never caught on with the way they discuss it.

    My favorite podcast is Security Now by Steve Gibson.

    • I need to check that one out…there are so many good ones that I’ve never heard of. Some times I wish I had unlimited time and could just listen all day.

  2. All great podcast. One I’ve been listening to a lot lately is, This Is Your Life, with Micheal Hyatt. He has a lot of great tips on just being a better person from things like how to be a morning person to dealing with being over committed.

  3. I really don’t have time for podcasts, but I used to listen to This Week in Science infrequently.

  4. I’ve been looking for something exactly like Sklarbro Country for some time–thanks!

  5. Joe, I listen to a lot of podcasts but I don’t know how you can possibly listen to the 9 you listed as well as read everyone else’s blogs AND record/write your own stuff. (PS – thanks for the ‘mench’)

  6. Great post, great podcasts. We invite you to give us a try – American Mansy. We are curing the epidemic of Mansy one person at a time. Hearts and minds. Sounds like it would be right up your alley. Regardless, all the best from Chicago. Have a great weekend!

    Todd Behrend

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