6 Tips for Management in the 21st Century

Improvise, adapt, overcome.

This Marine motto has been applied to countless facets of daily life. The idea behind the quote is that the Marines should be able to handle any challenge that comes their way, no matter how dangerous the foe.

You’ve no doubt heard the phrase either in your sports career or maybe in a Synergy meeting. Maybe it has become more cheesy than meaningful for you and that’s OK.

But, the core values of the idea still ring true. In an ever-changing world, last decade’s playbook may not fly today. Sure, there are always some holdovers that will surely stand the test of time, but if you’re stuck on past plays, the game will quickly pass you buy.

So, how do you make sure you’re being the best boss out there? Check out the bottom tips for more information.

Going Remote

With the power of the internet, many employees are finding out that their jobs can be done from just about anywhere in the world. All it takes is an active internet connection and a computer.

Many bosses bristle at the idea of not being able to see their employees, but as long as the work is getting completed on time, does it matter?

In addition, remote workers usually exhibit a boost in efficiency and are less likely to take time off. If you can’t go remote for the whole week, why not adopt a hybrid schedule and let people work from home two days a week?

Flexible Schedules

Similar to working remote, flexible schedules are on the rise, letting people have a bit more say over their working hours.

By allowing flexible schedules, it shows that you as a boss are showing appreciation to your employees instead of having them boxed in all the time. Not allowing a flexible work schedule is a good way to have your employees quit.

Use Technology to Save Money

Increase growth and cut costs. That’s every businessman’s dream, right? It means more money for you and your workers. Never a bad thing.

If you’ve been hesitant about using technology, it’s time to switch that around. You don’t have to rely on physical storage space for important documents and files. Put everything on the cloud.

Don’t rely on traditional advertising to boost business, go through social media.

Spend time researching and improving the SEO of your website in order to drive more traffic.

Use AI to answer customer questions online or over the phone. Set up online payment and appointment systems.

There are countless ways to embrace technology, so hop on board ASAP.

Granting Leave

One of the more underspoken points in the business world is letting men take paternity leave.

Wake up gentlemen, this is 2019 and fathers are wanting to be more involved in their children’s lives that past generations. Despite being the leader of the free world, the US has around 15% of companies that offer paternity leave.

Men shouldn’t feel like they’ll be set back in their career just because they want to help take care of their family.

Sharing is Caring

While it might not be the most ideal situation, many companies are opting for coworking places, sharing their office space with other businesses.

It’s a great way to cut back on businesses and many of these coworking offices are designed with the 21st century in mind. Open floor plan, lounge areas and plenty of work stations.

Continuing on that theme, another great way to jump on board the sharing train is by renting certain equipment that you won’t need forever. It could be a long-term rental, but examine your budgetary choices before you decide to make a big purchase.

Uber and Lyft are king, so why not apply those principles to your workplace?

Know When to Upgrade

You’ve got to spend money to make money, right? Plenty of businesses out there stave off upgrading their equipment, trying to use certain items until they’re run into the ground.

You don’t have to be cutting edge all the time, but still using Windows XP is both dangerous and a great way to slow your work down. Make sure you’re putting money back into your equipment so your employees can work better and faster.

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