The 3 Main Man’s Den Problems… And How to Fix Them

It’s the most treasured room in the house (at least for one member of the family), yet it’s also a room which can be blighted with problems. The man’s den, or the games room to some of us, is the great getaway for a lot of people but in amongst the gadgets and games are several issues that can ruin the whole concept. What we are talking about here revolves around general comfort; having a decent view of the television, being sat in a comfortable temperature and being in the firm knowledge that your prized electrical items are secure.

 PinballAs you’ve probably gathered, those three issues aren’t exactly closely related and might appear to be a strange selection of problems to group together. However, there is method behind the madness – with all three being solvable through window blinds. In the midst of purchasing wide screen televisions and gaming systems this might be the last thing on your mind, but blinds are actually the easiest way to resolve all of the issues that blight the typical man’s den.

We’ll start with the first problem we focused on; the ability to have a decent view of the television. We’re not talking about the obvious obstructions here either, such as the other half coming down and standing in the way of the screen midway through the latest blockbuster. Instead, it’s about another problem; television glare.

It’s a two worded phrase that will absolutely haunt some of us, with our big screens becoming utterly useless at certain parts of the day when the sun positions itself inconveniently. The only way is to plunge the whole room into darkness – at least this was the best course of action several years ago. Now, the blinds industry has changed this, with solar shades giving you the ability to allow natural light into your room, but keep out those glare-related rays.

 BlindsNext, we’ll shift our attention to the temperature factor. Most games rooms are situated in the unused parts of the house, with the basement being a common place. Suffice to say, this isn’t the warmest region of a home you’ll find, with its sub-ground position usually being the reason behind this. Fear not however, blinds can be back to save the day. This time it’s in the form of insulated shades, which do exactly as they say in the product name and insulate the room. For that ultimate best of both worlds solution, it’s possible to buy blinds that can both block out UV rays and insulate a room at the same time.

Finally, we’re onto the security aspect. Here, we’re going by the philosophy of out of sight, out of temptation for the potential intruder. Covering your whole window up would do this to an extent, but block out natural light for you and probably arouse suspicion as the blinds are closed all day. This time, the top-down bottom-up shade is the answer, with this just blocking out the bottom segment of the window so light can still flow freely through the top.

And there we have it – all three problems sorted in an instant. They might be some of the most random issues, but they are things that play on the mind of the typical games room owner. Fortunately, they are also things that recent advancements in window blinds can solve very easily.


  1. Love this! We just recently redid our den.. we added custom blinds and it made a WORLD of a difference to the space! we looked at a couple different places but ended up going with 1800 4 blinds since they brought samples out to us to match right in the space! Don’t underestimate the power of blinds in a room!

  2. I used to work for a writer. His wife told me that when they married, her mother’s sole advice to her was, “Let him have a desk and a chair, no more!” Otherwise the whole house would have been buried beneath papers and books.

    How wonderful to have an entire room – with or without blinds!

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