10 Advantages of Wet Shaving

Are you ready to ditch the multi-blade cartridge razors that we have all grown accustomed to? Switching to a nice double edge safety razor will forever change your thoughts towards shaving.

Some guys worry about switching because of the bloody mess these sharp razors can make. However, fear not, it is easy to learn and only requires a little practice and patience.

There is a short learning curve when you start wet shaving but guys have been using these types of razors for over 100 years.

Safety razors come with different levels of aggressiveness. This is determined by how much blade is exposed, known as a blade gap. Some are even adjustable.

So, you can simply find yourself a mild razor to start with, however, you may quickly find yourself wanting a more aggressive model.

Less passes are required with more aggressive models which means a more efficient shave for you. If you have a thick or coarse beard, you may also need a more aggressive razor.

You can also adjust the level of aggressiveness with the type of blade you use. There are dozens of different brands that are graded as either sharp or smooth.

So, if you have a mild razor you can turn up the ferociousness with a sharper blade or vice versa.

If you have never used a safety razor before you may need to play around with a few different combinations of razors and blades until you find your perfect shave. Every man’s beard and skin type are different so it can be hard to make general recommendations.

Check out the infographic below to see if you should start wet shaving today!

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