Don’t Know Where To Go? How To Discover The World’s Best Bars

world's best barsIf you like to travel, you may have found yourself in a foreign place and didn’t know what to do to end the day. Whether you’re in London for work, or Tokyo just to hang out and play, it’s nice to know where you should go. But finding the world’s best bars doesn’t happen on accident.

Of course you should and can ask the locals. You’re likely to hear of their favorite place that has solid deals, good lighting, and decent music.

Is a random pedestrian’s opinion really  the best?

Unless you are looking to find the ultimate dive bar, finding one of the world’s best bars to enjoy a well-crafted drink and more than a cool vibe requires more than asking a pedestrian’s opinion.

What if you could go beyond just a random stranger’s opinion and get insight from a pro mixologist that knows exactly what he or she is talking about—and exactly what you’re looking for?

Most people on the street don’t work in the mixology industry. And most of them aren’t influencers and leaders in it. If a man is going to spend his hard-earned cash while traveling, at least know exactly where you want to go. And be referred there by someone who knows what’s's best bars

There are a lot of different guys who prefer different environments and offerings. If you’re looking for more than just an upscale club experience, how do you find what’s just right? I doubt you’re looking to douse your manly musk with a cute Cosmo in a martini glass. What if you want to drink at an old abbey? Or have someone serve you cocktails that took them decades to master? What if you want to avoid the pretentious joints for a classic pub?

Take a look at the World’s Best Bars

Check out this aggregator for the World’s Best Bars by clicking here. I was just checking out there London section and they promise to help guide even the most lost man who refuses to ask for directions:

“From the glossy, celebrity-magnet clubs of Kensington and Chelsea to the edgy urban hang-out bar in the east, every taste is catered for, and whether your idea of a good night out involves chic hotel bars, old school cocktail lounges or, of course, the good old British pub, you won’t be disappointed.”

Their guidance does slant towards the more expensive, but not just overly polished locations. You’ll find unique bars, old pubs, and fine-dining. But here’s what I love: a man can find legit Scottish whiskey bars from this wealth of's best bars

I live in San Diego, and I love visiting this hidden prohibition era style speakeasy called “Noble Experiment.” They literally have the best drinks I’ve ever had in my life. When I leave and go to other “bars” and ask for drinks that they’ve never heard of I realize that Noble Experiment has something unique: real mixologists.

That’s what asking the local on the street may not get you: an expert opinion on what place is going to serve top tier people, not just top shelf bottles of alcohol.

Check it out. If you travel like I love to, you’ll find it to be the sophisticated man’s version of Yelp when searching for the world’s best bars.

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  1. Looks like an interesting site. I’ll have to check it out next time Mrs. Frugal Rules and I go on a trip together. We’re always looking for a nice bar to visit where we can get a decent drink.

  2. I think you are right about asking bartenders. If you want to listen to live music at a bar, then musicians would be the best people to ask. My favorite bar that I’ve been to is this little place in Trenton, just outside the “rough” part of town. The main floor has live jazz on the weekends and is always packed. I discovered it via a friend who plays there occasionally.Then there is another bar in the basement. The whole building dates back to the colonial days and there haven’t been many changes to that basement in 300 years. It’s dark with rough stone walls. I just love the atmosphere down there. Plus, it has a really amazing jukebox.

    • Trenton, NJ has a bar with a 300 year old basement?? Incredible. Man that is awesome.

      I went to this cool Irish Pub for Paddy’s Day and it was so small and loud I think I’m still experiencing some hearing loss. My one regret…I don’t want to sound like an old person, but I’m 30 and don’t want to go deaf haha.

      • Well it wasn’t always a bar. In the 18th century it was a brothel. 🙂

        But NJ has history like that. I know of several plaques that state that George Washington slept there.

        • That’s nuts. Everything is so comparatively new in California it’s hard to fathom stuff that the forefathers were actually interacting with.

          It makes me wonder in the Middle East and Asia, if that’s one reason why they perceive death a little differently. I mean, they think of generations and generations being there. Us, maybe my dad heard of that place one time and went there ya know?

  3. I do travel (not so much abroad) and have wanted to know how to find unique and old spots like this. I’ll definitely have a look!

  4. In my younger days when I was an avid traveler I ended up in some SHADY places taking advice from people I met.

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